Introducing the Procurement of Stock Materials

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Outline a basic stock procurement process

External Stock Procurement

External Stock Procurement

This unit covers the following SAP Best Practices procurement scenarios:

  • Procurement of Direct Material (J45)

    This scope item represents a basic procurement process. We recommend that you become familiar with this scenario, as it is the basis for process variants. We focus in this lesson on the following main process steps:

    • Automatic creation of purchase requisitions via MRP
    • Conversion of purchase requisitions into purchase orders
    • Monitoring of outstanding deliveries
    • Creation and processing of change requests
    • Goods receipt posting
    • Monitoring of stocks
    • Invoice entry
  • Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX)

    This is also a procurement process for stock materials. The basic procurement process we discovered with the J45 scope item is extended to include the inbound delivery process. We also take the opportunity to introduce the Situation Handling framework. In this lesson, we focus on the following topics:

    • Request and monitor order acknowledgments or shipping notifications from your suppliers
    • Use Situation Handling to automatically detect and report critical situations regarding outstanding deliveries
    • Create and process inbound deliveries
  • Automated Invoice Settlement (‏2LH‏)

    This scenario is intended to further automate the procurement process and, therefore, the supply chain. In this scenario, supplier invoices are not sent by the supplier and entered in the system, but are generated automatically at regular intervals. 

    This lesson focuses on the following:

    • Complete the prerequisites for the use of automated invoice settlement
    • Execute a streamlined procurement process with automated invoice settlement
  • Return to Supplier (BMK)

    To execute a supplier return process, you have two process variants that we will investigate in this lesson: 

    • Basic Return to Supplier
    • Advanced Returns Management

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