Explaining Expert Chat

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After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain Expert Chat

Expert Chat

What is Expert Chat?

Expert Chat is a live chat service best suited for medium or high-priority issues.

It instantly connects you to SAP technical support experts. Real-Time Support with screen sharing creates a faster and more direct route to issue resolution, which improves customer satisfaction while reducing project and operational costs. It's available for all support levels and almost all solutions - at no additional cost.

SAP Expert Chat comes with key benefits and helps you find answers to your questions quickly. To learn more about these benefits click on each icon below:


  • Live support from SAP experts for any technical question related to a product
  • Improves support experience with Real-Time Support
  • Available for all support levels and almost all solutions

Learn more about Expert Chat on SAP Support Portal.


  • Time savings - Businesses that implement Expert Chat begin to experience significant increases in value from their maintenance and support agreements with SAP. 
  • Reduced downtime - Expert Chat can reduce the amount of time businesses spend supporting SAP products, including resolving incidents and issues. 
  • Efficient issue resolution - Through the Expert Chat service, SAP optimizes support process by consolidating all necessary information at an early stage to solve an issue during the interaction. For more complex issues, a follow-up will take place as an incident.
  • Eliminated duplication of efforts/costs - SAP technical expert creates a follow-up incident for you based on the details you entered in the ticket. For complex cases, resolution will be provided through a regular incident or through a https://support.sap.com/en/my-support/product-support.html#section_1575600800 session. 
  • Learn more about Expert Chat on SAP Support Portal.

Why Use Expert Chat?

For high or medium-priority issues, Expert Chat offers you the option to clarify your questions within a chat, before filing an incident. In many cases, Expert Chat helps you to solve your technical problems more quickly compared to the usual incident workflow.

Main Features
  • Expert Chat provides a read-only screen-sharing option for a clear understanding of your workflow.
  • It also allows bi-directional attachment exchange.
  • In the case of technical issues, the SAP Support expert always creates an incident for you to document the real-time interaction, including conversation text as well as attachments.
  • Expert Chat provides a live chat function that connects you to SAP technical support experts instantly.

Access Expert Chat through the SAP for Me:

  • Access through the Expert Chat tile in SAP for Me on the Service and Support Dashboard then select the ‘Get Support’ Access Card.
  • Access Expert Chat while going through the case submission process as a channel recommender, when available. Expert Chat functionality is built into the case form.

Start Expert Chat by selecting it in the SAP for Me case process*

*if the service partner user management application (SPU) authorization has been assigned to your partner S-user ID, the use Expert Chat on behalf of your end customer via the incident form (Report an Incident tile) 

Before You Get Started!
  • If you would like to use Expert Chat, you may want to make yourself familiar with the following information: https://support.sap.com/en/my-support/product-support.html describes the offering of SAP product support channels.
  • You may also check the SAP Knowledge Base Article 2392095, which describes the technical requirements for an Expert Chat session, including requirements for screen-sharing.
  • To learn more about SAP's first live channel and details on how to use Expert Chat, you may also read SAP Knowledge Base Article 2213344.
If you have a query on your existing SAP support case or support incident, you need to select View Cases. If you are facing a challenge with a non-SAP product related topic, such as questions regarding your s-user, you should contact the SAP Customer Interaction Center.
Required Information

Product Support requires three key information details about your technical problem before starting a chat:

  • Product area / expert area where you are facing problems
  • System affected
  • Technical problem
Relevant links
  • Expert Chat on behalf of the end customer with the service partner user management application (SPU) is to be done via the case form - documentation
  • Expert Chat Landing Page
  • Blog - How to use Expert Chat for your technical issues?
  • Blog - Expert Chat - Direct access to SAP's product support experts
  • Knowledge Base Article 2392095 - Requirements for a successful Expert Chat session with Product Support
  • Knowledge Base Article 2213344 - Starting an Expert Chat with SAP support
  • Knowledge Base Article 2570790 - Expert Chat frequently asked questions

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