Exploring Ask an Expert Peer

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use Ask an Expert Peer

Ask an Expert Peer

What is Ask an Expert Peer?

Ask an Expert Peer is a Real-Time Support channel that is now part of the unified support experience, directly embedded in the optimized case management. Ask an Expert Peer lets you collaborate on your technical, product-related questions through one-on-one interactions with a qualified and approved expert outside of SAP. It enables you to receive fast issue resolution for your basic inquiries, such as how-to questions and all low- to medium-priority incidents.

Availability of Ask an Expert Peer is limited. For product availability, see SAP Knowledge Base Article

There are many benefits for using the Ask an Expert Peer feature in SAP Support. To learning about these benefits, click on each below:

Why Use Ask an Expert Peer?

Chatting to a qualified approved expert outside SAP through the Ask an Expert Peer channel offers the following benefits: 

  • Get answers to your queries quickly, in real time.
  • Get your questions answered by an expert peer in your field.
  • It is a connection program that fosters peer-to-peer collaboration.
  • Conversations with your expert are private.
  • There is no additional cost associated with using Ask an Expert Peer.
  • Benefit from industry insights along with an experienced perspective about your question.


To access Ask an Expert Peer, in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad, simply choose the Ask an Expert Peer tile.*

*if the service partner user management application (SPU) authorization has been assigned to your partner S-user ID, the use Schedule an Expert Real-Time Support on behalf of your end customer via the incident form (Report an Incident tile). 

You need the Report an Incident authorization to use the service (see SAP Knowledge Base Article for detailed prerequisites).

For available products, the new Ask an Expert Peer button becomes active. After submitting your question to Ask an Expert Peer, a qualified and approved expert outside of SAP will work with you to resolve your case through a chat window.

If you want to continue your session through another channel, you have the option to turn the session into an incident or transfer it to Schedule an Expert.

You will be directed to the channel’s landing page.

NB: If you have selected EU/DP, please note that this channel might not be available as the approved SAP experts might not be sitting in European countries. Relevant Links
  • Visit the Ask an Expert Peer landing page.
  • Watch a video about Ask an Expert peer.
  • Browse the Ask an Expert Peer's FAQs.

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