Exploring SAP Support Assistant

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use SAP Support Assistant

SAP Support Assistant

What is Support Assistant ?

Support Assistant is available to help guide you through the incident creation process so that you create a better incident.

Support Assistant helps you categorize your issue correctly. This ensures that topic-specific content is offered throughout the incident creation process to help you investigate or resolve the incident yourself. It also ensures that the most appropriate component/expert area is selected so that the issue is assigned to an expert that can help you resolve your issue faster.

Once the issue is categorized, you are asked specific questions that can help get your incident resolved faster. At the end of your support assistant interaction, the details are captured and available to review/edit in the incident form.


Using the Support Assistant offers the following benefits:

  • Recommended content can help you resolve and/or investigate the issue on your own.
  • Component/expert area is automatically selected so the incident is routed correctly the first time, reducing ping-pong.
  • More detail is included on incident creation, helping to achieve faster resolution times.
  • All details of your support assistant interaction are transferred to the incident to help the support expert investigate your issue.

The Support Assistant can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Via the SAP ONE Support Launchpad
  • Via the Report an incident tile, which you can add to My Home screen in SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Work Flow

Once you select the system/product, the Support Assistant pop-up displays.

The Support Assistant only displays for support product areas. For a list of active product areas, see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2836020.

To start the interactions, choose Start.

To help categorize your issue, you are asked a series of product-related questions in a conversational UI. As you answer questions, the right-hand pane displays contextual recommendations to help you resolve the issue yourself.

Based on your interaction with the Support Assistant, the component is automatically selected for you. This saves you time and effort, while ensuring that your incident is routed correctly.

When you close support assistant, the entire history will be available for you to review and edit. This info is stored with your incident to help the SAP support expert investigate and understand your issue.

Support Assistant Walk-through

Now that you have an idea about the SAP Support Assistant, watch the walk-through video below to get a glimpse at how you can interact with the assistant.

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