Accessing the SAP SuccessFactors instance

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Download the Course Files
  • Log into an SAP SuccessFactors instance
  • Access the SAP Help Portal

Download the Course Files

Please download the course files. You will be asked to use these files in various exercises throughout the course.

Log into an SAP SuccessFactors Instance

This section describes how to log into SAP SuccessFactors and how to navigate the Home page and Administration Center.

Each SAP SuccessFactors user is assigned a username and password for the SAP SuccessFactors instance of the company. Additionally, each company is assigned a URL and Company ID. To log into SAP SuccessFactors, enter the Company ID, username, and password when prompted on the Login screen. The look and feel of your login screen depends on theme used in the instance.

When the users select the question mark icon from the Login page, they will have access to the support FAQ link.

It will take them to a web page where they will get answers to the frequently asked questions about SAP SuccessFactors. This includes information to resolve account and login issues.

Users can be logged in on multiple devices unless restricted by their company.

Access the SAP Help Portal

The SAP Help Portal is the place to find SAP Product documentation, Learning Journeys, and more. In the SAP Help Portal, you can also find the following:

SAP SuccessFactors Digital Assistant

SAP SuccessFactors Digital Assistant is our new conversational chatbot to help you with your HR tasks.

The NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered Digital Assistant recognizes users’ intent entered in a chat window and fulfills their request by directing them to pages where they can find desired information or continue their work. We now support over 250 use cases on Web and over 20 use cases on native mobile apps (iOS and Android). These use cases, which are being expanded on a steady basis, represent different SAP SuccessFactors modules. Web and mobile users can use the English language to interact with Digital Assistant.

With Digital Assistant, users don’t need to go to module pages step by step for common HR tasks. This improves their daily productivity and their overall experience with SAP products

Configuration Requirements

Digital Assistant is only available for a few Early Adopter customers. These customers must have enabled the latest home page

Role-Based Permission Prerequisites

You have the User Permissions  General User Permission  Access to Digital Assistant permission.

Custom Term Configuration for Digital Assistant

You can map your corporate terms (also known as custom terms) to SAP SuccessFactors official terms in a new tool, so that Digital Assistant is able to effectively recognize your custom terms as well as related user intents when interacting with end users.

Now, you can manage your custom terms that are widely used by your enterprises in a new tool named Custom Term Configuration under Admin Center. After you add custom terms in this tool, when users chat with Digital Assistant in the chat window, custom terms in the user utterances are replaced with the relevant official terms in the backend, and Digital Assistant can recognize user intents successfully.

For each official term, you can enter multiple custom terms in the Custom Term column. As of now, we only support English for this feature.

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