Understanding reporting solutions

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain reports in the self-service reporting solutions
  • Describe reports in the custom reporting solutions

Self-service reporting solutions

Table Report

There are four main self-service reporting solutions:

Characteristics of Table Reports are:

  • List Reports

  • Simple Data Extractions

  • Format: Excel, CSV, PDF, or PPT

  • Data Source: All modules excluding LMS and custom MDF

The report tables are used for simple data extractions.

They are designed to be extremely simple to use, allowing you to easily select data from the SAP SuccessFactors modules and to output that in a simple table. Table reports can then be easily exported as required.

2. Dashboard & Tiles

Characteristics of Dashboards and Tiles are:

  • Online Dashboards

  • Track key processes

  • Drill from chart to list

  • Deliver on mobile

  • Data source: All modules excluding LMS and custom MDF

The dashboards and tiles are used to track key processes dynamically within the organization.

Tiles provide a simple chart output that can be embedded across the SAP SuccessFactors suite. Tiles can be built using a Tile Builder Wizard which guides the user through the process of building a visualization.

Tiles support Drill to Detail (DtD) capabilities and DtD columns can be customized when building the Tile. Tiles can include both SAP SuccessFactors Live data and Workforce Analytics data. Once built, these tiles can be included in a Dashboard, displayed in the Insights Panel and made available on the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile App.

Dashboards provide a method to easily collect and visualize multiple Tiles in a single place. Using tile-based Dashboards, tiles can be shown on one page, easily comparing multiple Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

3. Canvas Report

Characteristics of Canvas Reports are:

  • Printable

  • Multi-pages

  • Formatted

  • List reports

  • Charts and graphs

  • Calculated Columns

  • Aggregated calculated columns in Advanced Reporting

  • Data Sources: EC, Talent, MDF and LMS

  • Format: Excel, CSV, PDF, PPT, DOC, or E-mail

Canvas reports are used to create printable and re-usable reports for all modules. You can easily drag and drop components onto a report page. These components can include Tables, Charts, Images, or Text.

Using these components, rich multi-page reports can be created with data from across the SAP SuccessFactors solution. This includes Live Detailed Reporting data, LMS data, EC Advanced Reporting data, or Workforce Analytics measures & dimension data.

4. Story Report

Characteristics of Story Reports are:

  • Modern visualizations

  • Live SAP SuccessFactors data

  • Intelligent joins across modules

  • Secure, role-based access

  • People-centric data privacy and protection

  • Replacement for Canvas reports

  • Data Sources: All but Recruiting Marketing, Recruiting Posting, Learning, Onboarding 1.0, and Payroll (roadmap to expand data coverage)

  • Format: CSV, PDF, or XLS

Custom reporting solutions

1. Custom Reports powered by BIRT

There are three main custom reporting solutions:

There are three main custom reporting tools:

  • Printable chart / table / list pivot-table with custom SQL requirements

  • Offline Template Builder

  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) reports can also be built by customers but require a highly technical skillset

The custom reports powered by BIRT are used for highly formatted or complex printable reports.

2. Compensation statements

  • Custom Printable Compensation Statement

  • Report on compensation data / decision

The compensation statements are used to generate documents with the compensation decisions.

3. Pixel Perfect Talent Cards (PPTC)

  • Custom Printable Employee Profile

  • Summary of experience, resume or succession plan

The PPTCs are used for external distribution of a customized profile or to provide a summary of experience with talent related data.

Workforce Analytics is also considered as one of SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics solution. However, it is not in the scope of this document and has its dedicated trainings. THR89 is the training for SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning Functional Consultant Academy. THR96 is the training for SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Technical Consultant Academy. Essentially, this is the solution used for time trended metrics, benchmarks, and drill through hierarchies.

Deprecation details

SAP SuccessFactors has decided to deprecate the Usage Analytics feature. The feature is based on outdated technology that isn't compatible with our latest technology standards.

As a result, Usage Analytics reports can't be modified or enhanced. Deprecating this feature allows us to consider other types of usage analytics reports in the future.

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