Using the Upgrade Center

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use navigation tools to access the Upgrade Center

Overview of the Upgrade Center

In the Upgrade Center, you can read about the available upgrades, view screenshots and videos, and link to additional documentation. The Upgrade Center also lists the prerequisites of the upgrade, the permissions required to perform the upgrade, and configuration steps you need to take after the upgrade. Recent upgrades can be easily undone, with one click. If you see an upgrade you are interested in, but are not ready to perform today, you can mark it as "save for later" or get feedback from colleagues by sharing a link to the upgrade by e-mail.

The Upgrade Center does NOT allow you to perform upgrades that you have not been granted permission to perform. Although any administrative user can access the Upgrade Center page itself, each individual upgrade is governed by the appropriate system permissions. If you do not have the appropriate permission, you can view information about an upgrade, but you cannot use it to enable the feature.

The Upgrade Center is a universal feature of the Admin Center and is available in both versions of the Admin Center. In OneAdmin, select the button in the Upgrade Center portlet to access the page. In Next Gen Admin, you can use the Release Center tile on the admin home page to scroll through the most important recent upgrades. To access the full Upgrade Center, you can use search, or select See More on the Release Center tile, then go to the Upgrade Center tab.

This is an example of the full Upgrade Center page:

To set up Permission Control for the Upgrade Center


Upgrade Center Permission enabled in Provisioning.

The ability to control permission to access the Upgrade Center must be enabled in Provisioning. To have this permission enabled in your instance, please contact SuccessFactors.


  1. Go to Admin CenterToolsManage Permission Roles and select the role to which you want to grant permission.

  2. Select the Admin Center Permissions tab, in the Administrator Permissions section.

  3. Select the Manage Upgrade Center.

  4. Select Done to save the changes.

Permissions for the Upgrade Center

The Upgrade Center is a key element of Admin Center. Administrators can use this tool to learn about and apply important opt-in upgrades.

Watch the 'Permissions for the Upgrade Center' video for an in-depth explanation.

Navigation within the Upgrade Center

If you are using the Next Gen Admin UI, with the tile-based admin home page, you will notice that the tile previously called Upgrade Center is now called Release Center. The tile behaves in the same way as in the Legacy UI, allowing you to scroll through a number of highlighted features and access the Upgrade Center for more information. The Release Center content always appears first on the tile carousel, with a See More link that points to the Release Center page.

You still can access the Upgrade Center in a number of ways, as follows:

  • You can scroll through the carousel on the Release Center tile and view other optional upgrades, as before. From there, you can access the Upgrade Center page directly.

  • You can use the tool search to find the Release Center in both UI versions and access the Upgrade Center page.

  • If you are using action search, you can link to both the Upgrade Center and Release Center directly from the global search box.

  • From the OneAdmin UI, you can still see an Upgrade Center portlet that links to the Upgrade Center page, as before.

  • You can link between the Upgrade Center and Release Center, using the tabs on both pages.

Watch the 'Using the Upgrade Center' video for an in-depth explanation.

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