Explaining the Deploy Phase

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Articulate the activities covered in the Deploy Phase of SAP Activate, with focus on SAP Build Work Zone implementation project

The Deploy Phase

Watch the following video to learn about the Deploy Phase.

Let's walk through and understand some of the tasks taking into account focus on SAP Build Work Zone.

When it is time for the big day, it is necessary to execute the tasks from the Cutover Plan. Since the production tenant of SAP Build Work Zone or SAP SuccessFactors is already enabled and surrounding SAP BTP services, and relevant infrastructure is prepared, it is a matter of transferring content and development artefacts. Content artefacts are represented by home pages, workspaces, and business content (tiles, groups, catalogs, and roles), while development ones are UI Integration Cards and launchpad (shell) plugins. This work is done within task Production Cutover, and primarily executed by an application expert (with focus on SAP Build Work Zone) with ad-hoc support from other experts (for example, Security Expert).

Keep in mind that the procedure to transfer content and development artefacts vary on type. While some artefacts can be moved with support of SAP Cloud Transport Management service, other ones provide an option for manual import and export only. It should be considered during the preparation of Cutover Plan, in the previous phase.

The additional and SAP Build Work Zone-independent information about tasks and accelerators for Deploy Phase can be also found at SAP Activate Roadmap Viewer.

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