Explaining the SAP Build Portfolio

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the goals and structure of this course
  • Identify the key aspects of the SAP Build portfolio

Learning Objectives and Prerequisites


This course focuses on SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition.

Learning Objectives and Prerequisites

Upon completing this unit, you will have a basic level of knowledge about digital experience services, and the opportunities and benefits for a citizen developer to leverage this technology. This should provide you with the context you need to envision various implementations of this solution in your workplace. It will also provide the foundation you need to assess what additional hands-on training would be useful for your development.

If you would like to work on the practical exercises or tutorials provided at the end of this unit, ensure that you have an SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) Enterprise account with either an active subscription for SAP Build Work Zone (advanced edition), SAP SuccessFactors Work zone and/or an enterprise agreement with sufficient credits in place. You can learn more about how to gain access to SAP Build Work Zone in the discovery center, SAP Discovery Center - SAP Build Work Zone (cloud.sap). Our onboarding guide on SAP Help covers the required steps for the baseline system setup, Onboarding to SAP Build Work Zone - Getting StartedSAP Help Portal.

SAP´s Build Portfolio

The SAP Build portfolio combines our low-code solutions, which enable users of all skill levels to easily create and augment business applications.

The unified low-code solution portfolio empowers users to create applications, automate tedious processes, and design engaging business sites with drag and drop simplicity.

Pro-developers and line of business developers can:

  • Build visually with drag and drop simplicity and libraries of prebuilt business content.
  • Integrate smoothly with SAP and non-SAP systems.
  • Collaborate effectively bringing together businesses and developers, to work in fusion teams.

SAP Build Work Zone is part of the SAP Build Family:

With SAP Build Work Zone, you can create and augment enterprise apps, automate processes, and design business sites, all visually.

SAP Build brings together SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, and SAP Build Work Zone, into a unified development experience with new innovations to rapidly build apps, automate processes, and create business sites. Developers can integrate smoothly with SAP and non-SAP applications, and leverage hundreds of prebuilt processes, bots, and UX components, to unify business data and processes. Business and IT can collaborate effectively as fusion teams with drag and drop simplicity, and governance built-in throughout the application development lifecycle.

SAP Build

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