Introducing Reactive Maintenance (4HH)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the reactive maintenance (4HH) process

Reactive Maintenance (4HH)

Overview – Reactive Maintenance (4HH)

This comprehensive nine-step process supports end-to-end maintenance process. First, a maintenance request is created (Initiation). Next, the maintenance request is screened and accepted (Screening). The maintenance request is converted into a maintenance order. During this phase, the required resources for processing the order are also planned (Planning). The maintenance order is then approved for execution (Approval).

Next, the maintenance order is prepared for execution. Various requirements such as stock, non-stock material, purchase requisition, and capacity are reviewed (Preparation). After this, the maintenance order is scheduled for execution (Scheduling). The maintenance order is then executed to repair malfunction (Execution). Then, activities like failure data recording and other post-work activities are carried out (Post Execution). Finally, the maintenance order is reviewed and is technically completed (Completion).


  • Reduce an asset's downtime and increase productivity
  • Enables you to save maintenance costs

Key Process Flows

  • Create maintenance request
  • Screen maintenance request
  • Convert maintenance request into maintenance order
  • Plan maintenance order
  • Submit maintenance order approval
  • Release maintenance order for preparation
  • Review maintenance backlog for readiness
  • Schedule maintenance orders
  • Time confirmation of pre- and main order operations
  • Time confirmation of post-maintenance order operations
  • Record failure data
  • Complete maintenance order technically

Applicable Process Steps

The following table lists the SAP Fiori apps and business roles that are used in the Reactive Maintenance (4HH) process steps:

Process StepBusiness RoleTransaction/App

Create Maintenance Request

This is Initiation phase of maintenance where an employee can create a maintenance request.

EmployeeRequest Maintenance (F1511A)

Review Maintenance Request

Employee can check their existing maintenance requests.
EmployeeMy Maintenance Requests (F4513)

Screen Maintenance Request

This is Screening phase of the process where the supervisor might need to review the maintenance request. Change responsibility of the requests (if required) and take appropriate decision to proceed with request or reject the request.

Maintenance SupervisorScreen Maintenance Requests (F4605)

Create and Plan Maintenance Order

After a maintenance request is approved, we are in Planning phase of this process. The approved Maintenance Request will be called Maintenance Notification. This process step shows how to convert a maintenance notification into a maintenance order and, provides details about planning the resources for the order.

Order processing helps you to plan maintenance tasks in greater detail. You decide the tasks to be performed and what components (materials) are needed, and so on.
Maintenance PlannerManage Maintenance Notifications and Orders (F4604)

Submit Order for Approval

After you have planned resources for the maintenance order, it can be submitted for approval to the supervisor. This will set the status of the maintenance order to Ready to Prepare subphase.

Maintenance PlannerManage Maintenance Notifications and Orders (F4604)

Approve Maintenance Order (Optional)

This process step shows you how to approve a maintenance order from My Inbox (F0862) app.

As per agent determined in the workflow.My Inbox (F0862)

Review and Release Maintenance Order

We are in Ready to Prepare subphase. In this process step, you can review a list of approved maintenance orders and release them for Preparation phase.
Maintenance PlannerManage Maintenance Notifications and Orders (F4604)

Maintenance Backlog Overview

The maintenance order is in Preparation phase now. Maintenance Backlog Overview screen will allow you to view various cards. You can check Maintenance Backlog Card which shows backlog of maintenance orders based on phase or buckets.

Maintenance PlannerMaintenance Backlog Overview (F5105)

Manage Components and Services

With this app, you can view and manage all externally-procured materials and lean services that are required to execute your maintenance orders in a single place.

Maintenance PlannerManage Components and Services (F6178)
Convert Purchase Requisitions to Purchase Orders

This process step shows you how to assign purchase requisitions to a source of supply and to convert assigned source purchase requisitions to purchase orders.

PurchaserManage Purchase Requisitions (F1048)
Goods Receipt for Purchase Order

Here you post the goods receipt for the purchase order.

Warehouse ClerkPost Goods Receipt for Purchasing Document (F0843)

Post Goods Issue

You are now in Execution phase of the process. Here you post the goods issue from storage location.

Warehouse ClerkPost Goods Movement (MIGO)

Submit Order for Scheduling

Once Preparation is done and backlog is reviewed, the order can be set for Ready to Schedule to start Scheduling phase.

Maintenance PlannerFind Maintenance Order (F2175)

Schedule Maintenance Order and Submit it for Execution

In this step, you can schedule the order operations and set the operations ready for execution.

Maintenance PlannerFind Maintenance Order (F2175)

Execute Maintenance Order

In Execution phase, technician will execute pre and main operations.

Maintenance Technician

Perform Maintenance Jobs (F5104A)

Main Work Completed

After execution of Pre and Main work by the Technician, the Maintenance Supervisor will review the work and change the status from Main Work Completed to Post Execution phase.

Maintenance SupervisorFind Maintenance Order (F2175)

Maintain Service Entry Sheet

In this activity, you report the performed services in the service entry sheet.

PurchaserManage Service Entry Sheets - Lean Services (F2027)

Execute Post Work Operations

In this process step the technician will execute post operations activities (if any) and also update the malfunction details and failure data.

Maintenance TechnicianPerform Maintenance Jobs (F5104A)

Review Failure Data

In this step, the supervisor can review the failure data updated by the technician.

Maintenance SupervisorFind Maintenance Order (F2175)

Review Maintenance Cost

Maintenance planner can review the cost of maintenance orders.

Maintenance PlannerMaintenance Order Costs (F4603)

Technically Complete Maintenance Order

The maintenance notification is completed and the maintenance order is technically completed after the required maintenance work has been performed.

The technical completion reduces all the purchase requisitions, open reservations, and capacities still outstanding for the maintenance order.

Nevertheless, the order can continue to receive costs, for example, through invoice receipts for delivered and used materials. However it is blocked for all changes in the processing.

The order settlement transfers the costs incurred that were temporarily collected for the maintenance order, to the recipient, for example, to the cost center for the maintained object. This process step shows you how to technically complete a maintenance order.

Maintenance PlannerFind Maintenance Order (F2175)

Create Supplier Invoice with PO/GR Relation

In this process step you create the invoice with reference to the purchase order.

Accounts Payable AccountantCreate Supplier Invoice - Advanced (MIRO)

Release Supplier Invoice

In this process step you release a blocked supplier invoice.

Accounts Payable AccountantSupplier Invoices List (Version 2) (F1060A)

Additional Features – Reactive Maintenance (4HH)

With this app, you can view and manage all externally-procured materials and lean services that are required to execute your maintenance orders in a single place.

You access this app by choosing the procurement activity Create Purchase Requisition on the External Procurement card in the Maintenance Backlog Overview. By default, the system displays all non-stock components and lean services in the selected maintenance planning buckets for which a purchase requisition needs to be created

Value Proposition: Improved visibility of components & services performed by external service providers


  • Filter externally-procured components and services by one or more maintenance planning buckets, pending procurement activities, and other criteria
  • The system displays all non-stock components and lean services that match the selected filter criteria
  • Navigate to the maintenance order to which a non-stock component or lean service is assigned
  • From the maintenance order you can, for example, create a purchase requisition for the relevant non-stock component or lean service
  • View the order operation to which a non-stock component or lean service is assigned, and navigate to the object page to view the operation details

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