Exploring SAP Applications for Material Requirements Planning (J44)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify SAP apps for material requirements planning (J44)
  • Review business process scenarios for material requirements planning (J44)

SAP Apps for Material Requirements Planning (J44)

SAP Applications

  • Maintain PIRs (F3445) SAP Fiori App
  • Monitor Material Coverage - Net / Individual Segments (F2101) SAP Fiori App
  • Display MRP Master Data Issues (F1425A) SAP Fiori App
  • Display MRP Key Figures (F1426) SAP Fiori App
  • Manage Stock (F1062) SAP Fiori App

Maintain PIRs (F3445) SAP Fiori App


You can use this app to create and monitor planned independent requirements (PIRs) of materials in months or weeks. You can use this information to negotiate rates with your suppliers and, as a result, reduce costs. You use PIRs to procure or produce materials or components prior to receiving sales orders for materials. This information is particularly important, if the lead times demanded by your customers are shorter than those to which your suppliers can commit.

This app helps you to detect forecast issues early in the process so that you can produce or purchase sufficient quantities of material to cover future sales demands on time. With the app, you can process PIRs for materials that have a forecast period indicator defined in the material master.


The app only shows results for the selected period indicator. The default view is set to monthly periods.

Key Features

  • Sort and filter the list of materials based on various filters such as reach, accuracy, plant, active version, or period indicator

  • Determine the reach of your PIRs and find materials with an insufficient reach

  • See how accurate your PIRs are for each period

  • Create additional PIR versions for each material

  • Change a PIR version to active or inactive

  • Mass maintain your PIRs

  • Use Microsoft Excel files using the comma-separated value file format (.csv) to maintain PIRs

Monitor Material Coverage - Net / Individual Segments (F2101) SAP Fiori App


With this app, you can monitor all the materials in a selected area of responsibility. This includes collective requirements materials, make-to-stock and make-to-order materials, and materials for direct procurement. You are provided with a list of all materials with a net requirement segment or individual planning segments, which considers the following planning segments:

  • Net segment - planning for the whole MRP area
  • Individual customer segment - using sales order stock
  • Individual project segment - using project stock
  • Segment for direct production planning - with direct creation of planned orders
  • Segment for direct procurement planning - with direct creation of purchase requisitions

The system calculates the requirements for each segment separately. The materials of these planning segments might have coverage issues according to a specified shortage definition. The shortage definition you choose contains a set of rules that the system uses for calculating the material shortages. These rules define the scope of the shortage calculation, meaning the supply and demand elements to be considered and the conditions that have to be met to be a relevant shortage. You can use the default filters Time till Shortage, Material, and Individual Segment to narrow down the scope of your list.

This app provides you with the information that you need to be able to react to the shortage situation on time, meaning that you can avoid disruptions to production or to the fulfillment of customer demands. From this app, you can directly navigate to the Manage Material Coverage app to view details of the selected materials and check different solutions.

Key Features

  • Select an area of responsibility.

  • Select a shortage definition depending on how you want the system to calculate the material shortage.

  • Narrow down the scope of the material list by using the Time till Shortage filter as well as other filters.

  • View a material list according to the selected shortage definition as well as other selection criteria.

  • Choose which table columns are shown and how table entries are sorted.

  • Display and configure a chart that shows the stock availability of a selected material within the horizon you select.

  • Navigate from the projected stock quick view to the Manage Material Coverage app by choosing Check Material Coverage.

  • Open a quick view for the material.

  • Open a quick view with a list of vendors for a material (if there is more than one).

  • Tailor the app to your needs and save the combination of shortage definition and filters as a variant.

  • Save your personalized variants as tiles on your home page from which you can access this Monitor app or directly navigate to the respective Manage app.

  • View details of selected materials and check different solutions in the Manage Material Coverage app.

  • Find which shortages you accepted in the Manage Material Coverage app.

  • Revoke the acceptance of shortages to process the materials in the Manage Material Coverage app again and find solutions.

Display MRP Master Data Issues (F1425A) SAP Fiori App


With this app you can see all issues concerning master data that were detected during an MRP Live planning run. The system displays all the issues and restrictions as well as success messages that were created in the last MRP Live run. You can restrict the issues that are displayed in the list by accepting certain issues and then using filters. However, the content of this list is refreshed every time MRP Live is carried out and an accepted issue will reappear in the list after the next planning run if it has not been solved. You can use the information available in this app to find and analyze materials for which problems occurred in the planning run or which could not be planned at all. You have the information you need to solve these issues so that the materials can be planned correctly in future planning runs.

Key Features

  • View a list of the master data issues in your area of responsibility.

  • Filter the list according to material, MRP controller, issue category, or plant to search for relevant issues.

  • Accept issues and filter according to this acceptance flag.

  • Revoke the acceptance of issues.

  • Navigate to related apps for a selected issue.

  • View detailed information for an issue.

Display MRP Key Figures (F1426) SAP Fiori App


With this app, you can view detailed information on each MRP run. This information is available if the MRP run has been completed, is still running, or was terminated. In the overview screen, the system lists all the individual MRP runs that have been carried out. You can access the details screen by selecting an individual row. In the following screen, you can check all available key figure information such as the settings used to perform the planning run, the number of materials processed as well as various durations. A graphic is also available showing the run history. At a glance, you can see the progress of the planning run and analyze the runtime information. Sections are also available showing detailed information per low-level code or per the individual steps performed in the planning run.

Key Features

  • Shows a table of all the MRP runs which have been triggered. You can see whether the planning run is still running or has been completed and you can navigate to a details screen for each row.

  • Shows general information about the planning run as well as the settings used, the number of materials processed, and durations information.

  • Shows the development of the run history of the planning runs in a graphic. Per MRP run, you can see the number of materials planned, the number of materials that failed and the time it took for the planning run.

  • Provides detailed information by low-level code and type of MRP step including the number of materials planned per low-level code, how many orders were created or deleted and how much time was required for each step.

  • Provides detailed information about each individual step performed in MRP live including how many materials were planned in this step, how many orders were created or deleted and how much time was required for each step.

Manage Stock (F1062) SAP Fiori App

This app enables you to perform stock changes.

Key Features

  • Initial entry of stock balances
    • You must carry out an initial entry of stock balances when initializing the SAP system to transfer physical warehouse stocks or book inventories from an existing system into the SAP system as book inventories. No physical stock movements take place. You can carry out an initial entry of stock balances for the following stock types:
      • Unrestricted-use stock
      • Blocked stock
    • Use the initial entry feature only in the set-up phase of your system landscape. To perform stock changes in production mode, always use the corresponding apps.
      • Alternatively, based on your authorization you can use the Post Goods Movement app for the initial entry of stock balances (movement type 561). If you do so, you can also consider the special stock indicators E (project stock) and W (customer consignment stock).
      • If you want to post an initial entry for a batch managed material where the batch is not yet available, you must create these batches first by using the Create Batch app.
  • Post initial entry for materials with shelf life expiration date
    • In a plant, you can post a material that contains items (batches) with a shelf life expiration date or production date. You have to enter the shelf life expiration date before you post the material. Depending on the settings, an entry in these fields might be mandatory in the transfer stock process.
    • If a batch already has a shelf life expiration date or production date, you can no longer change these dates with subsequent postings.
  • You can scrap a material if you cannot use it for the following reasons:
    • Reduced quality due to long storage time
    • Out of date
    • Material has been destroyed
    You post scrapping like a goods issue without a reference. You can also scrap a material from the quality inspection stock. For this special form of scrapping, you need special authorization in the context of a quality management process.
  • Check the range of coverage based on the consumption of unrestricted-use stock materials in the last 30 days
  • This app supports movement-type-dependent reason codes. With a reason code you can add a short explanation for the cause of a specific goods movement, such as poor quality of a specific material

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