Exploring SAP Applications for Production Capacity Evaluation and Leveling – Consumer Products (‏5OI‏)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify SAP applications for production capacity evaluation and leveling – consumer products (‏5OI‏)
  • Review business process scenarios for production capacity evaluation and leveling – consumer products (‏5OI‏)

SAP Apps for Production Capacity Evaluation and Leveling – Consumer Products (‏5OI‏)

Associated SAP Fiori Apps

  • Maintain PIRs

  • Schedule MRP Runs

  • Manage Work Center Capacity

  • Capacity Scheduling Table

  • Capacity Scheduling Board

Maintain PIRs

You can use this app to create and monitor planned independent requirements (PIRs) in the long term either in months or weeks. You can use this information to negotiate rates with your suppliers and, as a result, reduce costs. You use PIRs to procure or produce materials or components prior to receiving sales orders for the materials. This is particularly important if the lead times demanded by your customers are shorter than those to which your suppliers can commit.

This app helps you to detect forecast errors early in the process so that you can produce or purchase sufficient quantities of material to cover future sales demands on time. With the app you can process PIRs for materials that have a forecast period indicator defined in the material master.

Schedule MRP Runs

With this app you can create and schedule a job for executing your MRP runs. To automate the planning process, the MRP run is carried out on a regular basis so you can use this app to create a job that performs this task for you; reducing your workload by running this task smoothly in the background. During the MRP run, the system checks whether current material demand can be covered by current inventory and expected material receipts. In regenerative planning, the system plans all materials irrespective of whether they have been changed since the last MRP run. In net change planning, the system only plans materials that have changed since the last planning run. If current demand is not covered, the system creates planned orders in the case of in-house production and either purchase requisitions or schedule lines for external procurement.

Manage Work Center Capacity

With this app, you can visualize the capacities of work centers, and the load on work centers. The app allows you to detect overload situations along with the cumulative overload situation across the selected evaluation horizons based on bucket (or grouping) types, such as days or weeks. For a work center, you balance several factors to ensure that you are optimally utilizing its capacity such that there are no overloads across your evaluation horizon, as well as no backlog in terms of orders or operations. With the information provided in the app, you can make informed decisions to achieve this balance.

Capacity Scheduling Table

This app was previously known as Schedule Production. With this app, you can preschedule your orders to be dispatched from a pacemaker work center based on its priority. You can select the source of supply (production version) and the work centers to dispatch the orders on the dates that you choose. A work center with the capacity duration that meets the capacity required to complete the operation gets highlighted for ease of selection. The app uses midpoint scheduling to adjust the operational time (of dispatch, reschedule and so on) according to the strategy that you have set. You can switch production versions when the work center capacity is insufficient or reschedule orders that are coinciding in a time slot.

Capacity Scheduling Board

This app was previously known as Monitor Work Center Schedules. With this app, you get an overview of the operations performed at your work centers by visualizing their schedules over a time period. Pacemaker work centers are critical as they help determine the schedule of an order. You can use this app to plan optimum utilization of pacemaker work centers by matching their capacities with those of the orders that have to be dispatched.

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