Outlining Resource Management (2MV - 1KC)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Outline Resource Management

Resource Management Overview

During project planning, Project Managers define which roles are needed for each work package. SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Resource Management supports you, as a Resource Manager, in ensuring optimal resource utilization and efficient project staffing.

The SAP Fiori app Resource Management for Projects is the central point of access to all features provided for Resource Management. Through this app, the Resource Managers can monitor and manage resource utilization, as well as staff resource requests for project roles.

Available Versions

The basic version of Resource Management allows you to monitor key figures for your resources and resource requests. It includes the SAP Fiori app Resource Management for Projects, without the option to navigate to other Resource Management apps. The full feature scope, including access to all Resource Management apps, is available in the advanced version.

FeatureBasic Version (2MV)Advanced Version (1KC)
Monitoring key figures for resources and resource requests
Finding suitable resources and resource requestsX
Suitability matchingX
Creating, changing, and deleting assignmentsX
Reviewing assignmentsX

Basic Concepts

Before you get started with Resource Management, make sure that you understand the basic concepts.


Thresholds allow the Resource Manager to quickly identify the resources and resource requests that should be worked on with priority. In the SAP Fiori app Resource Management for Projects, the threshold values are set using the Thresholds option that is available in the user actions menu in the SAP Fiori launchpad shell bar.

If you do not set your own thresholds, default values are used. The following interaction provides an overview of the available thresholds:

Resource Request

A resource request represents a project role that needs to be staffed for a work package in a customer or internal project. The request start and end dates correspond to the start and end dates of the work package.

A project usually consists of multiple work packages, and these in turn may require multiple roles. As a result, multiple resource requests may be shown for the same project or work package. You may even see more than one request for the same project role in the same work package, for example, if different work items are maintained for the same project role.

Resource Availability

Resource availability indicates when and to what extent a resource is available for assignments. Availability information is shown using various key figures, including the following:

  • Available hours: The number of available hours represents the basic availability of a resource. Basic availability indicates that the resource is available for assignments, without taking existing assignments into account.
  • Free hours: The actual availability of a resource for project assignments is shown as free hours. Actual availability means that existing project assignments are taken into account. Free hours are calculated as follows: Free Hours = Available Hours − Staffed Hours.
  • Staffed hours: The number of hours a resource is staffed to projects.

Resource Utilization

Resource utilization represents the percentage of a resource's total availability that is used at a certain time. Resource utilization is calculated as follows:

Utilization (%) = (100 * Staffed Hours) / Available Hours.

You can define the target range for resource utilization by setting your own free capacity and overbooked thresholds.

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