Understanding Basic Resource Management (2MV)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand Basic Resource Management (2MV)

Introduction: Basic Resource Management (2MV)

With the basic version, Resource Managers can use the SAP Fiori app Resource Management for Projects to view and analyze aggregated key figures for the resources and resource requests for which they are responsible. The key figures shown in the cards are calculated based on the confirmed staffing assignments created by Project Managers in the apps for Customer and Internal Project Management.

KPI Cards

Depending on the card you are looking at, you can see KPIs for two months (the current month and next month), or four months (the current month and the next three months). The display time period starts on the first day of the current month and runs until the last day of the second month or fourth month, respectively. The KPI cards show resource and request data based on the defined thresholds. Whenever you change a threshold, the data shown in the cards is updated.

The following cards for resources are available:

  • All Resources

    This card shows the total number of resources for which you are responsible in the next four months. You can see how many of the total available hours are still free and for how many hours your resources are already staffed.

  • Free and Overbooked Resources

    The KPI in the card header shows you how many resources have an average utilization below the free capacity threshold or above the overbooked threshold over the next four months. The bar chart shows how many resources are either overbooked or free per month. A resource may be counted multiple times, for example, if it is overbooked in one month and has free capacity in the next month.

  • Resources with Free Capacity

    This card shows the five resources with the lowest average utilization in the next two months.

  • Overbooked Resources

    This card shows the top five resources whose average utilization is above the overbooked threshold in the next two months.

  • Average Resource Utilization

    This card shows the average utilization of your resources in the next four months. Resource utilization is calculated based on the number of available hours and the number of staffed hours.

The following cards for resource requests are available:

  • Open Resource Requests

    Based on the thresholds for due and overdue period, the requests are grouped in three urgency categories – overdue, due and upcoming.

  • All Resource Requests

    This card shows the total number of requests that you are responsible for, as well as the staffing status of these requests. In the basic version of the app, requests are shown as either staffed or open. Partially staffed and overstaffed are available in the advanced version.

  • Staffed and Required Hours by Role

    The number of requested roles is shown in the card header. The top five roles are shown in the chart. The bars show the number of staffed hours, and the black line indicates the number of required hours per role.

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