Configuring Advanced BOM Model

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure advanced BOM model

Master Data Advanced BOM Model

Required Master Data Scripts

To run this process you need the following master data:

  • Material
  • Material BOM
  • Change Master

Master Data: Material

Business Roles

The business role required to create this master data is: Product Master Specialist.

Process Steps

The process steps applicable create this master data are:

  • Log on to the SAP Fiori launchpad using your user credentials.

  • In the Product Master catalogue, choose Create Material.

  • On the Create Material (Initial Screen), make the following entries:

    • Material: Material number (for example, MAT-01)

    • Industry sector: M

    • Material type: HALB

  • Choose Select View(s). In the Select View(s) window, select Basic Data 1 and Basic Data 2 and choose Continue.

  • In the Create Material view, on the Basic data 1 tab, enter the material description in the Descr field.

  • On the Basic data 1 tab, in the General Data section, make the following entries :Base Unit of Measure /Material Group/GenItemCatGroup.

  • In the Dimensions/EANs section, make the following entries and confirm twice with Enter:

    • Gross Weight

    • Weight Unit

    • Net Weight

  • On the Basic data 2 tab, in the Client specific configuration section, set, if necessary, the indicator for "Material is configurable".

  • Make any additional entries required for your material in the other tabs.

  • Choose Save.

Multi Level Bill of Material

Create Multi Level Bill of Materials

  • Open the Maintain Bill Of Material (F1813) app.

  • Choose Create BOM.

  • Make the following entries: For ex : Material: CM-FL-V01/Plant: 1010/BOM Usage: 1

  • Add required components as BOM items.

  • Assign respective dependencies to BOM items.

  • Save your material BOM.

Create Change Master

Create a Change Master:

  • Access the Create Change Master app.
  • Enter the values for number assignment. Define functions of your choice.
  • Enter header data together with validity and status information.
  • Define object types.
  • Define object management records.

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