Exploring SAP Fiori Applications for Advanced BOM Model

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify SAP Fiori Applications for advanced BOM model

SAP Fiori Applications for Advanced BOM Model

Associated SAP Fiori Applications

  • Manage Change Masters (F2212)
  • Maintain Bill of Material ( F1813)

Manage Change Masters (F2212)

With this app, you can view a list of change masters that you are authorized to see. Using advanced filtering options, you can also search for change masters, display their details, and save your search filters in a variant.

Key Features

  • Display the list of change masters that you are authorized to access.

  • Search for change masters, as well as within their attributes.

  • Get a detailed overview of the selected change master.

  • Use advanced filtering options.

  • Save your filters as variants.

  • Sort and group the displayed lines, and personalize columns.

  • Export your search results.

  • Create new change masters.

Maintain Bill of Material (F1813)

With this app, you can display and manage all of your bills of material (BOMs). Using the available filters, you can find and view existing BOMs, drill down to the level of detail you need, and perform any necessary actions (such as copy or delete BOMs or assign change records to BOMs). You can create new BOMs (whether classical, version-based, or alternative BOMs) and insert the relevant components along with the required data, including any attachments.

Key Features

  • Search for and display BOMs based on a range of filter criteria (such as material, plant, BOM usage, and alternative BOM).

  • Create BOMs and alternative BOMs and delete BOMs.

  • Copy a material BOM to a new material BOM.

  • Hand over engineering bills of material (EBOMs) to manufacturing bills of material (MBOMs).

  • Create BOMs for configurable materials and maintain object dependencies using the classic application.

  • Take tentative decisions while working on a BOM and save your changes as a draft.

  • Assign BOMs to a change record. You can configure the settings to make the assignment of change record mandatory while creating a BOM.

  • Navigate to change instances using the change timeline.

  • Create a change number and assign it to a material.

  • Create a version BOM with validity changes for objects based on the parameter effectivity types for Manufacturing for production engineering and operations.
  • Use the Attachment Service to attach documents or files to a material.

  • Define software and its versions in a bill of material.

  • Hand over bill of material components (spare parts and software) to the SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

  • Calculate BOMs using international system of units.

  • Use a range of functions on the Components tab when adding BOM items.

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