Introducing Substance Volume Tracking

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Introduce substance volume tracking

Introduction Substance Volume tracking

Overview Substance Volume Tracking (4OL)

With the Substance Volume tracking (4OL) scope item, you can enable substance volume tracking of confirmed quantities from purchasing, manufacturing, and sales. Substance volume tracking helps you comply with chemical regulations. These regulations require you to track and monitor the volumes of regulated substances that you import into, produce, or export to a country or region within a certain period.

Substance volume tracking is integrated with the logistic processes for purchasing, manufacturing, and sales and tracks, calculates, aggregates, and monitors the imported, produced, and exported substance volumes that result from the processes.


The benefits of the Substance Volume tracking (4OL) app are as follows:

  • Integration with the logistic processes of purchasing, manufacturing, and sales.
  • Enablement of tracking, calculation, and aggregation of volumes of imported, produced, and exported substances on a legal entity level and based on the relevant compliance requirements and tracking period.
  • Simplification of the comparison between the aggregated substance volumes and the thresholds in the relevant compliance requirements by calculating a substance volume tracking status.
  • Support monitoring of substance volumes tracing back to the respective logistics document via an SAP Fiori app.

Key Process Steps

The key process steps covered by the app include:

  • Create mappings of plants to legal entities

  • Procure stock materials

    • Create a purchase requisition to a purchase order

    • Convert a purchase requisition to a purchase order

    • Post material movements for goods receipt

  • Process manufacturing based on a process order

    • Create a process order

    • Confirm a process order

    • Post material movements for goods issue and goods receipt

  • Process sales orders

    • Create a sales order

    • Add a market assessment (optional)

    • Classify a Packaged Product as No Dangerous Good

    • Post material movements for goods issue

  • Perform substance volume tracking in the background

  • Monitor substance volumes

    • Check substance volume tracking status

    • Trace aggregated substance volumes back to the logistics document from which the substance volumes originate

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