Understanding Process Steps and Business Roles for Substance Volume Tracking

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define process steps for substance volume tracking
  • Identify business roles for substance volume tracking

Process Steps for Substance Volume Tracking

Applicable Process Steps

The following is a list of applicable process steps for the Substance Volume Tracking (4OL) app:

  • Create Purchase Requisition
  • Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order
  • Post Goods Receipt
  • Analyze Stock Overview (Optional)
  • Create a Process Order
  • Manual Goods Issue (Optional)
  • Confirm Process Order
  • Post Goods Receipt for Process Order
  • Create a Sales Order
  • Add a Market Assessment (Optional)
  • Classify a Packaged Product as No Dangerous Good
  • Create a Outbound Delivery
  • Post Goods Issue for Outbound Delivery
  • Monitor Substance Volumes

Business Roles for Substance Volume Tracking

Relevant Business Roles

To run the Substance Volume Tracking (4OL) business process, you need the following roles:

  • Internal Sales Representative
  • Product Stewardship Specialist - Product Compliance
  • Shipping Specialist
  • Production Supervisor - Process Manufacturing
  • Master Data Specialist - Product Compliance
  • Purchaser Warehouse Clerk
  • Purchaser
  • Production Operator- Process Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Clerk
  • Configuration Expert- Business Process Configuration

How to Identify the Business Catalog(s) Mapped to a Business Role and the Fiori Application(s) Mapped to a Business Catalog

  1. Log into the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.

  2. Select the Manage Business Roles application from the Launchpad.

  3. Select a Business Role.

  4. To view the standard Business Catalogs assigned to the standard Business Role, select the Assigned Business Catalogs tab.

  5. Select a Business Catalog.

  6. To view the Functional Description, Authorization Criteria, and Associated Catalogs information, select the Catalog Description tab.

  7. To view the Fiori apps mapped to the Business Catalog, select the Applications tab.


To customize Business Roles, use the Create From Template option in the Maintain Business Roles application. This creates a copy of an SAP Standard Business Role for editing.


Do not edit SAP Standard Business Roles directly.

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