Executing Solution Process: Sales Quotation (BDG)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Execute scope item BDG: Sales Quotation

Business Process: Example Video for Sales Quotation (BDG)

Business Process Overview

Based on a sales inquiry, you can create a corresponding quotation to provide your customer with the relevant information (referencing the inquiry is optional).

The use of quotations is not mandatory for the sales process.

Sometimes, the customer may not like the price offered in your quotation, and decides to purchase from another vendor. In this case, the presales documents remain open in your system. There are several options available to resolve the situation. For quotations, using a reason for rejection is a common way of setting the status of an item to complete.

When you use a reason for rejection (such as too expensive or delivery date too late), you also store valuable information in the system that can be used to analyze sales opportunities.

The figure, Sales Quotations, shows the concept of quotations.

The figure, BDG – Process Diagram, shows the process diagram for scope item BDG, Sales Quotation.

The following are the main steps in the process:

  1. In the Create Sales Quotation step, you enter the sales quotation after a customer requests it.

  2. Then, depending on the customer's decision, you do one of the following:

    • change the quotation
    • reject the quotation
    • accept the quotation

Main Fiori Apps Used

Process SteoRole NameFiori App Name
Create Sales QuotationInternal Sales RepresentativeManage Sales Quotations
Change Sales QuotationsInternal Sales RepresentativeManage Sales Quotations
Reject Sales QuotationsInternal Sales RepresentativeManage Sales Quotations

The table Main SAP Fiori Apps Used, provides a list of role(s) and app(s) for every process step.

To create a sales quotation, you must access the system as an Internal Sales Representative and open the Manage Sales Quotations app.

From there, you can change, reject, or accept the quotation, depending on the client's decision.

Manage Sales Quotations App

With the SAP Fiori Manage Sales Quotations app, you can search for sales quotations according to your filter criteria and display them in a list.

On the list created using the Manage Sales Quotations app, you can execute following actions:

  • Able to search for sales quotations using a free test search
  • Able to search quotations by entering a value in one or more filter fields
  • Able to create a variant for the current filter selection and save it for later reference
  • able to hide filter bar
  • able to sort sales quotations
  • Able to hide and show columns in the list

From the list of sales quotations, you can execute different actions. For example, you can extend the validity of a quotation. You can also navigate to related applications, for example, to display quotation details. Following is a list of transactional features:

  • Able to create sales quotations
  • Able to reject all items for a sales quotations
  • Able to extend the validity period for a selected sales quotations
  • Able to navigate to the sales quotations details to either display or change data
  • Able to navigate to the customer 360 view app
  • Able to navigate to the sales quotations object page
  • Able to navigate to the customer object page

Tutorial: Sales Quotation (BDG)

This scope item starts when requests for quotations (RFQ) are received from customers.

Quotations are created in the system, and can be either accepted or rejected by customers.

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