Introducing Complementary Procurement Functions (2TW)

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After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the content of Complementary Procurement Functions (2TW)

Overview of Complementary Procurement Functions (2TW)

This scope item offers streamlined processes for the procurement of operating supplies as well as batch and serial number-managed material, covering the steps from purchase order creation to the incoming invoice.

All 3 processes can be summarized by the following three steps: Creating a purchase order, posting a goods receipt and creating an invoice. The scope item focuses on these main process steps, but can be extended by additional optional steps, such as:

  • Working with material requirements planning and purchase requisitions (described in scope item Procurement of Direct Material (J45))

  • Maintaining and monitoring order confirmations (described in scope item Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX))

  • Using shipping notifications for planing and posting goods receipts (described in scope item Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX))

You can also use the apps described in the Procurement of Direct Material (J45) scope item for inventory monitoring for both operating supplies and materials managed with batches or serial numbers.

Operating supplies are externally procured materials that are used to manufacture products and consist of auxiliary materials and expendable supplies.

The use of batches enables you to work with homogeneous partial quantities of a material. Batches can be used, for example, to fulfill legal requirements, to track defects, or to ensure that certain procedures are followed throughout the production process.

Some materials are marked with serial numbers. A serial number is used to identify a single unit of a product. The use of serial numbers makes it possible to track a single piece of a material and offer special services to customers. For example, it is frequently only possible to procure clearly assignable spare parts for technical equipment by specifying the serial number.

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