Introducing Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Get an Overview of direct procurement with inbound delivery

Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX)

Locate Scope Item in Line of Business (LoB)

Scope item Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX) belongs to the business areas Operational Procurement and Invoice Management, which are part of the "Sourcing and Procurement" line of business.


This scope item enables the user to order direct materials using inbound deliveries. It ensures an efficient process including all steps from the initial creation of a purchase order to the invoice management.

Starting with the creation of a purchase order, the actual supply situation can be monitored and planned. The subsequent creation of an inbound delivery enables the user to process enhanced procurement processes including the goods receipt and the putaway. The procurement process is enclosed with the creation of a supplier invoice.

The basic goods receipt process for direct material is to post a goods receipt with reference to the corresponding purchase order at the time of goods delivery.

Especially for goods receipt in a warehouse managed by SAP EWM, it is necessary to create an inbound delivery for the purchase order. But, regardless of EWM, the goods receipt process using the inbound delivery has the advantage that you can perform some preparatory work before the actual goods receipt posting takes place. When the inbound delivery is notified by the vendor, you can find out in advance the exact quantities that are to be delivered on the exact date. Order confirmations in general, especially inbound deliveries, are relevant for planning, so that MRP has access to more up-to-date quantities and dates.

The following are covered in this topic:

  • How to request and monitor order acknowledgments or shipping notifications from your vendors.
  • How to configure the system to automatically detect and report critical situations regarding outstanding order confirmations or missing delivery quantities.
  • How to respond to these critical situations.

An inbound delivery in the system is the mapping of a shipping notification.

Process Overview

The above diagram shows the process overview of Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX).

Business Benefits

  • Streamline procurement processes in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Ensure highly automated processes for the procurement of direct materials
  • Greatly reduced manual effort
  • Monitor the procurement progress in real-time
  • Use an analytical list page to monitor purchase order items
  • Automated detection of critical situations

Key Process Flows

  • Manage purchase orders
  • Monitor supplier confirmations
  • Manage inbound deliveries
  • Manage goods receipt
  • Detect critical situations automatically

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