Describing the Application Interface to Retrieve Payment Files (2YM)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the scope of Bank Connectivity via APIs
  • Use the Bank Connectivity via APIs

Bank Connectivity via APIs Overview

Bank Connectivity via APIs Overview

This scope item provides basic SOAP services for the connectivity between SAP S/4HANA Cloud and banks. APIs are used to send outgoing payment files to and receive electronic bank statements from the banks.

Bank Connectivity via APIs Process

Mainly the scope item supports sending payment medium files from SAP S/4HANA to the banks/financial institutions and on the other hand to receive electronic bank statements from the banks/financial institutions and import those into SAP S/4HANA.

When communicating with external banks there are several options available in the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.

After payments are approved through functionality covered in Advanced Cash Operations the information can be transmitted to banks with the scope item 2YM – Bank Connectivity via APIs.

Bank Connectivity via APIs Operations

Automatic Payments

To create the payment media, SAP S/4HANA uses the Payment Medium Workbench (PMW).

This payment program was developed for the international payment transactions between vendors and customers. This program can be used for incoming and outgoing payments.

It is a generic payment medium program for all payment medium formats. You can skip the payment proposal and execute the payment run directly. In this case, business transactions that balance the open items are posted directly after entering the parameters.

If the payment run is finished successfully the clearing of the customer or vendor open items is happening automatically in the background.

With the transactional app, Manage Payment Media, you can transfer the data required for electronic payment transactions to banks via a data medium. A payment medium is created with each successful payment run.

These Payment Medium files are transferred via the API to the customer-managed middleware for external execution.

Bank Statements

With the Bank Statement Monitor app, you can monitor the import status of bank statements for all the bank accounts that are set to be monitored. This app provides you with an overall status of the monitored bank accounts and also allows you to identify bank accounts with statement import errors. Then, you can communicate the issue to the responsible person using emails directly from this app.

At the top right corner the overall success rate of the bank statement import is shown at this tile. Thereby the Cash Manager gets a good idea of the bank statement upload status.

The success rate of bank statement imports is calculated by dividing the number of bank accounts whose bank statements are successfully imported and posted by the total number of bank accounts that are set to be monitored.

The SAP Fiori app Bank Statement Monitor also offers several additional drill-down functionalities.

This drill-down functionality brings you directly to the Bank Account Master Data or the Cash Position Details to verify further details in that area.

You can filter for specific Bank keys, Company Codes, Bank County, Account Numbers and several other criteria to only show the needed information in the app.

There is also the option to toggle between the chart and tabular views.

The Manage Bank Statements app provides an overview of the imported Bank Statements. Several filter criteria are available to find the data you need.

With the filter bar of the Manage Bank Statement app, you can adjust the information in exactly the way you would need it.

No matter if you want to see only the latest statements or all completed entries the filter bar gives you the flexibility to show all that.

Furthermore, you cannot only use filter criteria from the bank statement directly, like statement date, format, opening balance, or posting date. You also have the option to go to the Bank Account data by currency, IBAN, or account holder.

Bring all your needed criteria to the filter bar if needed or save the selection as a variant to have it available next time.

When selecting a specific item from the selected overview you can see the specific items that are, for example, not completed.

Having this information, a link to further actions is possible. From the data shown a link to the tile Reprocess Bank Statement Items is possible where this item can be worked on.

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