Introducing Replenishment in Warehousing (4A2)

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Replenishment in Warehousing (4A2)

Using this process, you can plan and automate the creation of replenishment warehouse tasks to ensure the right inventory levels for your products in the areas where picking is done. To ensure that you have adequate stock on hand for picking, you can use the replenishment process to fill picking bins from one or more reserve storage types.

This scope item supports planned replenishment and automatic replenishment of fixed storage bins.

The planned replenishment can be started either interactively or as a regular application background job.

By contrast, with automatic replenishment, the system starts replenishment when a warehouse task is confirmed.

The system creates replenishment warehouse tasks if the current stock is below the defined threshold for the product’s fixed bin. The replenishment quantity is calculated as the difference between the maximum and the current bin quantity. Replenishment is triggered when the stock is less than the minimum quantity. The system rounds down the replenishment quantity (the quantity of the warehouse task or warehouse request) to a multiple of the minimum replenishment quantity, if such a quantity is maintained.

At the end of the process, the warehouse operative confirms the warehouse tasks and makes sure that the stock is moved from the reserve to the picking area.

Running replenishment processes in your warehouse gives you the following business benefits:

  • Run planned replenishment for fixed storage bins
  • Schedule background jobs for planned replenishment
  • Setup automatic replenishment, if required
  • Maintain a proper stock rotation
  • Minimize the manual creation of warehouse tasks for internal movements
  • Improve warehouse picking efficiency

The process consists of the following steps:

  • Variant 1: Manual replenishment run
  • Variant 2: Job-based replenishment run
  • System: Create replenishment warehouse tasks
  • Check replenishment warehouse tasks (optional)
  • Confirm replenishment warehouse tasks

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