Introducing the SAP EWM Integration - Outbound Processing to Customer (‏2VK‏)

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After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Introduce SAP EWM Integration - Outbound Processing to Customer (‏2VK‏)
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Introduce SAP EWM Integration - Outbound Processing to Customer (‏2VK‏)


You can use this process to ship ordered goods to external customers, using SAP S/4HANA Cloud integrated to SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). This process starts with the creation of a sales order and an outbound delivery. The outbound delivery is replicated to the SAP EWM, where an outbound delivery order is created. This document serves as the starting point for the outbound processing within the warehouse. Warehouse tasks are created with reference to the outbound delivery order, and the physical process for picking is executed. During the creation of warehouse tasks, the system determines the location for picking the stock and allocates the stock to the warehouse task. At the end of the process, the goods issue is posted. The goods issue information is transferred from SAP EWM to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud system. Subsequent process steps such as billing can be executed accordingly.

Business Benefits

  • Support your high-volume warehouse operations with an integration between SAP S/4HANA Cloud and on-premise SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).
  • Manage stock on a storage bin level.
  • Provide on-time delivery performance, by automating and integrating warehouse, sales, and distribution processes.

Key Process Flows

How to Access SAP S/4HANA Cloud Scope Item Process Models and Test Scripts

SAP Best Practices Explorer ( S/4HANACloudSAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA CloudSelect country localization from Version dropdown listAccelerators sectionSAP Best Practices content libraryUse filters to locate scope items and associated Process Flows and Test Scripts.

Key Process Steps:

Relevant Business Roles

The following SAP S/4HANA Cloud business roles are used for this scenario:

  • Internal Sales Representative (Sales order creation)
  • Shipping Specialist (Delivery Processing)
  • Administrator Data Replication (Transfer between SAP S/4HANA Cloud and SAP EWM)

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