Introducing Warehouse Ad Hoc Goods Issue (‏3BT‏)

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

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Warehouse Ad Hoc Goods Issue (‏3BT‏)

This scope item can be used to post unplanned goods issues, without reference to outbound deliveries. It can be used for various use cases, such as scrapping, and goods issue to another storage location.

For scrapping, you initiate this process by creating a posting change and a warehouse task, to move the material to be scrapped from the source bin to the scrapping zone. After the physical goods movement is completed, you post the unplanned goods issue.

Business Benefits

  • Support various use cases of an unplanned goods issue.

    Several reasons can lead to an unplanned goods issue. Goods can be damaged during processing, or reach their overdue date.

  • Control and record movements of products and handling units in the warehouse.
  • Map your warehouse complex in the system down to a storage bin level.
  • Improve visibility and control in warehouse processes.

The app Manage Physical Stock - Products gives an excellent overview of the stock siutation in your warehouse offering multiple filter criteria. It is also possible to perform actions such as scrapping or cost center withdrawal directly in the app.

Key Process Flows

  • Create an ad hoc warehouse task, for example, for ad hoc goods issue to another storage location, and print warehouse tasks lists.

    To post an ad hoc goods issue, the material usually has to be moved to a certain storage type, from which the goods issue is posted. This is achieved by creating an ad hoc warehouse task.

  • Create a posting change and warehouse task, for example, for scrapping, and print the warehouse tasks lists.

    If the requirement type changes, for example, because the material to be moved to blocked stock, a posting change is required, besides the warehouse task.

  • Confirm warehouse tasks.

    The ad hoc warehouse tasks are confirmed.

  • Post unplanned goods issue.

    The goods issue is posted after the materials have arrived at the storage type for goods issue posting, for example, the scrapping zone.

Run a Simulation to Check the System Behavior

You can use the following simulation to work your way through the main process steps about how to run the warehouse ad-hoc goods issue process.

Business Roles and SAP Fiori Apps

The following SAP S/4HANA Cloud business roles are used for this scenarios:

  • Warehouse Clerk (EWM)

  • Warehouse Operative (EWM)

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