Introducing Warehouse Goods Receipt from Repetitive Manufacturing (‏41U‏)

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Warehouse Goods Receipt from Repetitive Manufacturing (‏41U‏)

This scope item allows you to perform the goods receipt of finished material from repetitive manufacturing into the warehouse. With the repetitive manufacturing confirmation, finished material is received into the specified warehouse goods receipt bin and raw material is issued from stock. The goods receipt (movement type 131) and the goods issue (movement type 261) are posted synchronously in one material document. A new warehouse product attribute/indicator allows you to specify, for each product, whether to create warehouse tasks from the goods receipt bin to the final storage bin automatically. This can be done during goods receipt posting or manually after goods receipt posting. In the case of a manual warehouse task creation, you can pack the material into a handling unit as required. You then create warehouse tasks manually, to move the material/handling unit from the production goods receipt area to the final storage bin.

Business Benefits

  • Integrate seamlessly between warehouse management and production (repetitive manufacturing)
  • Keep manual posting effort to a minimum
  • Improve visibility and control in warehouse operations
  • Get synchronous updates of stock in inventory management and in warehouse management
  • Does not require delivery and warehouse request documents for goods receipt postings from repetitive manufacturing into a bin-managed storage location

Key Process Flow

  • Post a goods receipt for finished material and a goods issue for raw material
    • Check material document (optional)
    • Check warehouse goods movement document (optional)
  • Variant 1 (automatic warehouse task creation)
    • Confirm warehouse task
  • Variant 2 (manual warehouse task creation)
    • Pack finished material (optional)
    • Create handling unit (optional), or product warehouse task
    • Confirm warehouse task

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