Introducing Warehouse Kanban Supply Into Production (3VT)

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Warehouse Kanban Supply Into Production (3VT)

In Kanban processing, a new stock transfer replenishment strategy has been created, which enables direct warehouse task creation in Warehouse Management. The tight integration between warehousing and production reduces the total manufacturing costs by supporting lean execution principles based on standardized pull processes.

The scenario Warehouse Kanban Supply into Production, allows you to replenish material from your warehouse to production, in cases where the source storage location is bin-managed and the production storage location is not bin-managed.

Business Benefits

  • Immediate visibility of Kanban replenishment requests in Warehouse Management.
  • Smoother manufacturing flow.
  • Flexibility in production.
  • Reduce inventory carrying cost.
  • Better-managed inventory levels.

Recently, the scenario has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Reverse KANBAN status from FULL to EMPTY in KANBAN correction.

  • Default exception code for setting KANBAN to FULL with difference quantity.

  • Material document and goods movement document can be displayed in KANBAN information.

These new features reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), by quicker resolution of user errors and faster navigation to related material documents.


  • Support Kanban scenarios in production supply, in conjunction with Warehouse Management as supply source. When a Kanban container status is set to Empty, the Warehouse Management task is created. The warehouse task can be confirmed in two possible ways:
    • User confirms the warehouse task - the system sets the Kanban container to Full.
    • User sets the Kanban container to Full - the system confirms the warehouse task.
  • Integrated control-cycle maintenance for production and warehouse functions.

Run a Simulation to Check the System Behavior

You can use the following simulation to work your way through the main process steps about how to run the Kanban supply into production process.

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