Automatically Assigning Tickets to Service Teams


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use work distribution rules to automatically assign tickets to service teams

Automatically Assign Tickets

Routing or work distribution rules help companies handle a high volume of tickets. While smaller organizations can assign a service agent to review each message to then create and assign tickets to the right person or team, this isn't an efficient model when hundreds, or even thousands, of messages come in each day. As a result, a routing mechanism that automatically delivers the ticket to the right team or person can significantly increase efficiency. SAP Service Cloud includes a flexible, easy to configure routing rule definition engine.

The first step is to create the teams in the system within an Organizational Structure. Ticket routing rules can then be configured for the teams in the structure. Examples of routing rules for a service organization:

  1. Any ticket from a particular customer routed to a specific team
  2. Any ticket of a certain type or category to a specific team
  3. Any ticket with the status Escalated to a specific team

How to Create a Work Distribution Rule

Create a Work Distribution Rule

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