Scheduling and Publishing Stories

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Schedule a publication

Schedule and Publish Stories

Embedded analytics allows the administrator to schedule the publication of stories to selected users or teams. When a story is published, each user gets an e-mail with the story as an attachment. You can set a schedule to share a copy of a story with any number of internal users and up to three external users.

Enabling Scheduling and Publication

To enable scheduling and publishing, the transformation mapping file needs to be updated. The transformation mapping file is a .json file that can be downloaded from the embedded analytics online help. The file is then uploaded to the Identity Provisioning System. Once the update is done, the Schedule Publication item will appear on the File menu as shown in the preceding figure.

Scheduling a Publication

Selecting the Schedule Publication menu item opens the Share Story dialog box.

The first choice is to use Broadcast or Burst mode. These modes control the data that the receiving user can view. Broadcast mode allows the user to view any data the sender is authorized to view, while Burst mode allows the user to view data they are authorized to view.

The publication can be scheduled to run once, or on a recurring schedule.

When a story is published, the target audience receives an e-mail with story attached as a PDF or a PowerPoint. Here, you can also enter the email subject and body text.

The lower part of the dialog box contains distribution options. In this section, you can share different views of the story with different sets of recipients. For example, you may want the Finance team to see the story with a table, and the Sales team to see the table with a chart.

Simulation: Schedule a Publication in Embedded Analytics

Best Practices When Using Embedded Analytics

  • Use Generic Attributes to add detail to stories
  • Use the For Reporting field in rules to create user friendly output names for analytics users
  • Remember that embedded analytics is not a data extraction tool. It has an export limit of three million cells, which limits the amount of data you can extract.

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