Transactional Scenarios

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Match the relevant Transactional scenarios to your business case

Transactional Scenarios

Pricing from the sales quote, sales order, and work ticket includes availability to promise, credit check, free goods check, and material substitutions.

Pricing from the opportunity returns a net price.

From a C4C opportunity you can create a quote or order in ERP. You can create the documents or inquiry documents (quote inquiry or order inquiry).

From a C4C quote you can create a sales order. Any attachments you have in the quote for C4C will be replicated to the order in ERP. If you add attachments in ERP, they will not flow back to the quote.

From a C4C sales order you can create an order in SAP ERP. This integration is bi-directional. Attachments are also replicated.

All the PDF’s are available from the document flow. The document flow launches the PDF in SAP ERP.

Sales quote and sales order ID’s are also returned to C4C.

The work ticket integration returns the billing request ID to SAP Sales and Service Cloud. The work ticket also has a document flow that launches the invoice PDF.

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