Establishing Communication with the Cloud Subaccounts

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Establish communication with the Cloud subaccounts


Managing Subaccounts

As of version 2.2, you can connect to several subaccounts within a single Cloud Connector installation. Those subaccounts can use the Cloud Connector concurrently with different configurations. By selecting a subaccount from the drop-down box, all tab entries show the configuration, audit, and state, specific to this subaccount. In case of audit and traces, cross-subaccount info is merged with the subaccount-specific parts of the UI.


You have assigned one of these roles/role collections to the subaccount user that you use for initial Cloud Connector setup, depending on the SAP BTP environment in which your subaccount is running:


EnvironmentRequired Roles/Role Collections
Cloud Foundry [feature set A]
  • The user must be a member of the global account to which the subaccount belongs.
  • Alternatively, you can assign the user as Security Administrator.
Cloud Foundry [feature set B]

Assign at least one of these default role collections (all of them including the role Cloud Connector Administrator):

  • Subaccount Administrator
  • Cloud Connector Administrator
  • Connectivity and Destination Administrator

Alternatively, you can assign a custom role collection to the user that includes the role Cloud Connector Administrator.


Assign at least one of these default roles:

  • Cloud Connector Admin
  • Administrator

Alternatively, you can assign a custom role to the user that includes the permission manageSCCTunnels.

After establishing the Cloud Connector connection, this user is not needed any more, since it serves only for initial connection setup. You may revoke the corresponding role assignment then and remove the user from the Members list.

Subaccount Dashboard

In the subaccount dashboard (choose your Subaccount from the main menu), you can check the state of all subaccount connections managed by this Cloud Connector briefly.

If you want to connect an additional subaccount with your on-premise landscape, simply choose the Add Subaccount button, which opens a dialog that is similar to the Initial Configuration operation when establishing the first connection.

To modify an existing subaccount, choose the Edit icon and change the <Display Name>, <Location ID> and/or <Description>.

How to Perform the Initial Cloud Connector Setup

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