Creating and Managing Project Teams

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create and Manage Project Teams

How to Create and Manage Project Teams?

"I have a teammate, Joe Ortiz, who has access to Ariba and does not create events, nor projects directly. He doesn't have much experience, but I need his help with supplier responses to an event that I am setting up since he is the Category Manager. I do not see his name in the project that I created from the template, nor do I see a project group that looks suitable to add him to. Should I add him to the Project Owner group next to my name?"

"You could do that to give him access to the event messages, but there is a better approach since that method would grant him abilities to edit anything within the workspace. I would recommend checking if there is a group that has access to event messages only. If one does not exist that you can see, create a new group and search for roles that have "message" in them and assign him to that new project group."


Monique will create a new Project Group, and click the select link next to Roles. Searching for "messages" returns two results (left).

If Monique needs help with responding to supplier questions within the event, selecting either Access Participant Messages or Event Access All Messages will give this project group appropriate access. She can then assign her colleagues to this project group after creation.

Multiple Roles can be selected for a new project group.

The video provides a demonstration on how to edit project group member assignments and create a new project group within a Full Sourcing Project. Select the play button to watch.

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