Special Scenarios of Applying Promotions

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Look at out-of-the-box special features including the evaluation process, potential promotions, promotion planning and personalized promotions.

Special Scenarios

Now that we have acquired a basic understanding of promotion management, you should also understand additional promotion-related out-of-the-box features. Let’s see what scenarios are supported here before covering the related features one-by-one:

  • There are several promotions that can be fired at the same time within one shopping cart, how are these promotions evaluated? We’ll investigate how the promotion evaluation process is implemented.
  • If a promotion is not fired yet, but the conditions of the promotion are almost met, it’s a good time to motivate the customer by showing the possible promotion in advance. Let’s talk about it in potential promotions.
  • A group of promotions can be enabled and disabled altogether during specific periods or special events. This feature is called promotion planning.
  • Can we activate certain promotions only for specific customers or customer groups? Sure, this can be done using a personalized promotion.

Promotion Evaluation Process

Let’s check out how more than one promotion is evaluated in the promotion evaluation process.

Potential Promotions

Potential promotions are important for marketing strategies in E-Commerce; let’s understand how they are implemented in the promotion module:

Promotion Planning

Promotions Planning allows grouping of promotions for special requirements. Let’s check out this feature here:

Personalized Promotions

Personalized Promotions enable personalized marketing content to be targeted at specific customers. Let’s learn how to use them in the promotion module:

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