Importing an Existing Project in SAP Business Application Studio

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Import a Project into your Workspace of SAP Business Application Studio

Import a Project

Copying Existing Development Content into your Workspace

You can copy an existing project or parts of a project into your workspace of SAP Business Application Studio by using one of the content transfer tools provided by SAP Business Application Studio.

Import and Export Functionality

Import OptionsDescription
Import (Welcome page)

Import project (right-click on blank area)

Imports exclusively .tar or .zip archives and also extracts them at the same time.

After importing a project, the new folder can be opened in a new workspace.

FileUpload FilesUploads archives (.tar or .zip) or single files

This is useful when you need to add individual files into your project structure instead of an entire project. If you upload an archive file you must then extract its contents with the command line (tar / unzip).

Drag and drop from your file explorerWith drag and drop, you can copy files, folders, or both, from your Windows File Explorer to any folder visible In the Explorer view of Business Application Studio.
Export OptionsDescription
DownloadDownloads files and/or folders from Business Application Studio perhaps to pass to other colleagues. Multiple objects are archived as a single .tar file. Simply right-click on any file or folder in the Explorer view of Business Application Studio.

To download the entire root folder (perhaps to include multiple projects), right-click the blank area below the file structure.

When using FileUpload Files and drag and drop from your Windows File Explorer, the uploaded content might overwrite existing content (same file name and same target folder). You do not get any warning.

Working with Git

Git is used to manage source code in an application development environment. It provides tools to developers who need to collaborate on projects and work in parallel. Git provides more sophisticated features to manage source code, especially in large projects compared to using the in-built content transfer tools discussed above.

SAP Business Application Studio includes a Git source control system, allowing you to manage the life-cycle of your source code locally, but also to connect to a remote corporate/public Git repository to interact with other developers, share code, and so on.

Git operations can be invoked from the terminal, which is suitable for experienced Git users, or from the Git view which gives you access to the base Git functionality in a more guided approach.

A dedicated lesson covers Git in SAP Business Application Studio later in this course.

Import a project

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