Introducing the SAP HANA Cloud

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Introduce SAP HANA Cloud as a part of the SAP Business Technology Platform

Introducing the SAP HANA Cloud

Lesson Overview

In this lesson you will learn how about SAP HANA Cloud, it's position in the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and how the SAP BTP and SAP HANA Cloud fit into the SAP Intelligent Enterprise vision.

Challenges for Today’s Enterprises

In many companies the business application system landscapes over time have become very large and extremely complex. This scale and complexity slows down innovation, because even a small change can have a huge impact on the whole system landscape. The impact could be business process related, so extensive testing in all affected systems is required. The change could also impact system landscape infrastructure, which might result in ordering additional hardware or upgrading the affected database or operating system.

All these steps are time consuming, cost money and involve different experts in specific knowledge areas. This is the opposite of what the business expects. A move to the cloud would improve this situation in many business areas.

When making the move to the cloud, all the above points have to be taking into account as well! It's not like "storing your data in a cloud" auto-magically make the above pain points go away. A thorough investigation in the capabilities and features of the cloud provider need to be conducted to ensure that all business requirements are met.

SAP HANA Cloud Value Proposition

SAP HANA Cloud is a fully managed in-memory multi-tier cloud database as a service (DBaaS). As the cloud-based data foundation for SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP HANA Cloud integrates data from across the enterprise, enabling faster decisions based on live data.

Multi-Service Database

Combining the known SAP HANA qualities like in-memory, multi-model, hybrid transaction, and analytics processing in real-time with high volume and extreme transactionally focused services.

Data On Demand

All data, regardless of size, category, and complexity, available to you whenever you need it.

Easy Integration

A unified access layer to simplify data processing while consolidating and harmonizing data integration to your intelligent applications.

Power Of The Cloud

Cloud qualities like low TCO, elasticity, serverless principles, high availability, resilience, and autonomous behavior.

Streamlined Access

Simplified data-access which connects all your information without demanding that all data be loaded into a single storage solution.

Developer Experience

SAP HANA Cloud provides a integrated development environment in which the developer can develop and model custom applications.

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