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Which SAP HANA cockpit cards start the Performance Monitor app to monitor their KPIs?
There are three correct answers.
What can you identify using the Threads app in SAP HANA cockpit?
There are two correct answers.
Which services can you stop or kill in the Manage Services application of SAP HANA cockpit?
Choose the correct answer.
The Alerts card provided in the SAP BTP version of SAP HANA cockpit allows you to automatically send email messages when database alerts are triggered.
Choose the correct answer.
Which alert attributes can be changed in the Alert Definition app?
There are two correct answers.
Using the Sessions application in SAP HANA cockpit, you can identify the application user and transaction status of database sessions.
Choose the correct answer.
Which tool can be used to perform database administration tasks on SAP HANA Cloud database instances?
Choose the correct answer.
Which trace can you activate in the SQL Statements app?
Choose the correct answer.
In the Table Usage app, which criteria would identify tables that could be moved to the SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake?
Choose the correct answer.

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