Managing Replicated Data

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Setup system and replication

Setting Up System and Replication

Complete the following instructions to configure the source systems and object types for the data replication.

It's possible to push up to 2,000 data elements for each load to SAP Responsible Design and Production.
  1. Go to the SAP Fiori launchpad, and choose the Configuration Cockpit.
  2. Go to System Groups and create system groups if multiple systems should be connected. Go to the Source Systems tab, and create the source systems.


    In System Groups tab, you can manage system groups. You can create system groups, provide IDs, and descriptions in the available languages. To access this tab, you need to be assigned to the RDP_System_Group_Administrator role. Otherwise, the tab is not available in the application.

    If only one customer source system needs to be connected, the default system group should be used to connect the required system. In case further systems should be connected, the default system group needs to be used for one of the source system connections and cannot be left empty. When subsequently creating a source system and configuring replications one needs to choose the formerly created system group. Also, for data import via the Import Data application, one needs to select the system group in which data should be imported.

    You can't delete or edit source systems after you create them.
  3. Go to the Replications tab, and configure the replications.
    Only one replication configuration can be created for the object types configuration data, organization data, packaging composition, and packaging element. There's no restriction for the other object types.
  4. In the Replications tab, you can monitor the status of the replication.

How to Set Up the System and Replication

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