Run SAP Business Processes with SAP Signavio Solutions

Navigating Through the Collaboration Hub for Business Users

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explore and find relevant process knowledge

Overview of the Collaboration Hub

The Collaboration Hub is divided in such a way as to enable easy access to the processes. The entry diagram ensures quick navigation through the entire process landscape of the organization.

The Collaboration Hub is the initial starting page after the login and can be considered as the entry into the process landscape of a company. It is divided into three parts. On the left side is the menu, in the middle you will find the entry diagram and in the upper right the search and help area.

Use the plus marker on the image to read more detailed information about each section.

Welcome to the Collaboration Hub

Find your process with the process landscape:

  • Click on the process map to open it, 
  • Select a specific area,
  • Open your process by clicking on the plus symbol, 
  • You will land on the End-2-End Process.

Access Additional Information about the Process

Once you find your process, you can find additional information about your process by clicking on elements. 

Get information about:

  • documents,
  • description,
  • dictionary entries,
  • process roles, 
  • KPIs and more.

Please keep in mind that certain sensitive information in the processes may be hidden in the hub for certain users.

Mark the processes you will use every day, so you can access them easily in the future.

Complete your Tasks from Workflows

Requires a license for SAP Signavio Process Governance.

Monitor of Process Analyses

To monitor important KPIs and continuously improve your processes, running analysis from SAP Signavio Process Intelligence can be displayed on the Collaboration Hub start page. This way, you have an instant overview of your process performance and can make adjustments and corrections before it is too late. Additionally, you can open further investigations from the menu. 

Requires a license for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence.

Search for Specific Content

Search for any content in processes, dictionary, documents, tasks, analyses or reports.

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