Creating extension fields

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the steps required to create extension fields to meet the company’s needs.

Creating Extension field


Extensibility describes how an extension field can be managed. You can add, remove, or modify an extension field. You enable extension fields in Reporting, Enterprise search, Extension scenario, Web Services, and PDF Summary Forms. 

Once you've created an extension field, you can define further field properties such as whether the field should be mandatory or read-only. 

Discarding changes:

  • If you want to remove your (administrator) changes for all users on the current screen, you can discard all changes and revert to the original screen.
  • To revert the current screen for all users, choose the Adapt menu and select Discard Changes. This discards all the changes you made to the current screen. For example, if you added new sections, fields and mashups to a screen and then choose Discard Changes, all changes to screen layout and embedded mashups are discarded.
  • While working in the Edit Master Layout mode, you will also find a Discard Changes icon in sections and tables. By choosing this, you undo the changes for the highlighted section or table only. For example, if you've added fields to a section, you can remove them by choosing the icon, but the rest of the screen changes remain the same.

Business case - Extension fields

Creating an extension field

In the following simulation, you'll learn how to create an extension field.   

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