Determining go live activities


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Identify the roles and responsibilities and the change management process after go live..

Determining go live activities


Cutover of test data to production can be done in transports or migration templates.  

Administrators can assemble all extensions or customizations in a single transport request to move them to a target system.  This ensures the data is transported as one record.  Some examples of items that can be transported are:

  • Business Roles
  • Language Adaptations
  • Form Templates
  • Code List Restrictions
  • Extension Fields
  • Organized Work Centers
  • Custom Work Center
  • Surveys
  • Workflow Rules
  • Custom Code Lists

Target tasks and target audience for the development tenant, test tenant, and production tenant.

Development Tenant:

  • Target Audience: Developers
  • Target Tasks: Development & Basic Scoping
  • (no configuration)

    (no/basic integration)

    (no reporting)

    (no page layouts)

Test Tenant:

  • Target Audience: Consultants and Customer
  • Target Tasks: Create Reports, Create Page Layouts, Test Functionality, Test Integration

Production Tenant:

  • Target Audience: Consultants and Customer
  • Target Task: Productive use

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