Using the Monitor Footprints Application

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • View your footprint calculation results in the Monitor Footprints application

Using the Monitor Footprints Application

You can view all product footprint calculation results and publish a result to SAP S/4HANA Cloud or SAP S/4HANA.

The product footprint results are displayed based on the imported business data and calculation settings defined in the calculation template in the Calculate Footprints application. However, you can further refine the footprint results by selecting the relevant values in the fields provided in this application.

A list of results is shown under the Product Footprints section as a table. By default, the table shows the following columns:

  • Product:

    On a mouse over displays the product group, the product type, the base unit of measure, the gross weight and the net weight of the product.

    This column also displays the calculation status of performing a Test Run or a Calculation Run. You can only publish footprints with the status Calculation Successful and Calculation Completed with Issues.

  • Product Group
  • Plant
  • Result Type
  • Period
  • Average Footprint per Unit (in SI)

    When you click the value, the full precision average footprint per unit value, the configured Calculation Interval, and the Period Considered for average footprint calculation are displayed. If footprint data is not available for the period configured in the Calculation Interval, the average footprint per unit is not calculated and Not Applicable is displayed for those months.

  • Publish Status

Calculation Details

The Calculation Details section classifies data based on the inflows, outflows, and the approximate inventory levels of the product for a selected plant and period. The following information is provided in a table format:

  • Transactional Activity - This is broadly categorized into the following groups:
    • Inflows:
      • Goods Receipts from Suppliers
      • Goods Receipts from Other Plants
      • Goods Receipts from Production
    • Outflows:
      • Goods issues to other plants.
      • Goods issues to customers
      • Goods issues to operations and production
    • Inventory:
      • Previous inventory.
      • Current inventory
  • Source/Target Type: The source type is either Plant or Supplier for inflows, and the target type is either Customer or Plant for outflows. For the previous inventory, the source type is Plant and for the current inventory no value is displayed.
  • Source/Target: The identifier of the source or target types.
  • Quantity
  • Footprint per Unit
  • Total Footprint

Total Footprint

Total Footprint of CocBea100 from Supplier Cocoa World in Oct 2021
= Material Quantity in SI UoM * (Emission Factor Value) Emission Factor Dataset Reference Unit of Measure = 240 KG of CocBea100 * (40 KG of CO2e) 1 KG of 1016 Sus Ref dataset = 9600 KG of CO2e

Calculation logic

Footprint per unit is a consistent monthly average across multiple footprints that arise due to following material flows:

  • Carry forwards from the previous month
  • Inflows into current plant from different sources like suppliers and plant (intercompany, intracompany)
  • Outflows to other plants and internal consumption


Footprint per unit of CocBea100 for July 2021
((Footprint Carry forward from June 2021 + Footprint Inflows at July 2021) – Footprint Outflows at July 2021)/((Quantity Carry forward from June 2021 + Quantity Inflows at July 2021) - Quantity Outflows at July 2021)

Using the Monitor Business Logs Application

You can use the Monitor Business Logs application to read and monitor business messages, make advanced queries, and view record details.

The message list contains the following default columns:

  • Created On

  • Created By

  • Error

  • Warning

  • Information

  • Success

  • Number of Records

How to Monitor Footprint for Purchased Products

Select the Watch Demo button to start the simulation.

How to Monitor Business Logs

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How to Monitor Footprint for Manufactured Products

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