Segmentation Overview

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use segmentation to narrow down your customer base and create target groups for your marketing activities


Campaign Flow

This is the end-to-end campaign process in SAP Marketing Cloud.

Segmentation Process Flow

Key Capabilities

Now let's discuss the key capabilities of SAP Marketing Cloud.

Click on each option to know the key capabilities.

Segmentation Terminology

Let’s learn the important terms in segmentation:

Data source, segmentation object, and segmentation profile are part of the software collection that can be transported to the production system. It is not possible to change or create these entities in the production system.

All other entities, like segmentation models and segments, are so-called application data which cannot be transported from a quality to a production system and have to be created in both systems.

The application data entities are more relevant for business users, and the software collection entities are more relevant for technical users, as they require customization.

Segmentation Features

You can use the Segmentation Models app for segmenting high volumes of customer data to identify audiences for marketing campaigns or analyzing the data regarding complex business questions. Interactive visualization supports the segmentation and analysis tasks. Typically, marketing experts use the application while working on B2C direct marketing scenarios, where analyzing large volumes of data is a daily challenge.


Check out our Essential - Segmentation tutorials to learn about various features in Segmentation such as segment actions, segmentation filters, attribute previews.

Please find the tutorials here.

Creating a Segmentation Model

Now let’s learn how to segment customer data to identify audiences for marketing campaigns.

Segmentation Building Blocks

A Segmentation building block is a segmentation structure with a set of often-used segmentation filters. You can reuse building blocks in Segmentation to save time.

There are two types of segmentation building blocks:

  • Private segmentation building blocks
  • Public segmentation building blocks

All building blocks are initially created as private building blocks. If you want to share your building block with your colleagues, you can change the visibility to public by publishing your building block.


Watch this tutorial to learn how to create building blocks and use them in Segmentation:

Segmentation Using Building Blocks

Segmentation Best Practice

Read this CX Works article to learn about the step-by-step segmentation approach, along with tips to build performant segmentation models and avoid common pitfalls.

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