Uncovering the Basics of the SAP Marketing Cloud Configuration

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify the different sections of configuration, transport to the production system and define the upgrade procedure restrictions.

Manage Your Solution

Transport from Quality to Production Process

If you have customized and made adaptations in the quality tenant using the extensibility apps, you must transfer these settings to the production tenant. The Export and Import Software Collection apps are used to transfer the items or settings from the quality tenant to the production tenant.

If you have made business configuration settings in the configuration apps of your quality tenant, you must transfer these settings to the production tenant. You can trigger the transfer in the Manage Your Solution app.

Please keep in mind that some of the steps must be carried out manually, such as the re-creation of business and admin users.

Watch this tutorial to learn about how to transfer configuration settings:

For further information on Export and Import software collections, please refer to the documents on SAP Help Portal:

Restrictions During Upgrade Procedure

During the upgrade procedure including the upgrade of quality and production tenants the following restrictions apply:

  • All transports from the quality tenant to the production tenants are locked.
  • Emergency patches in the production tenant with prequalification in quality tenant are blocked.

During Upgrade of Quality Tenant:

As long as the downtime of the quality tenants has not started, you can access all apps and make configuration changes. The transports from the quality tenant to the production tenant are locked. Once the upgrade of the production tenant has been completed, you can execute these transports.​

After upgrade of Quality tenant / Before Upgrade of Production Tenant:

We strongly recommend not to make any configuration changes in the quality tenant to avoid any configuration inconsistencies between quality and production tenant. ​

During Upgrade of Production Tenant:

You cannot access the production tenant, as it is locked.

N.B. Concerning running campaigns, please notice the following:

  • Time buffers implemented in the system ensure that the execution of campaigns is not possible any longer as of a specific point in time shortly before the downtime.​
  • These time buffers usually ensure the finish of all running campaigns before the upgrade downtime.
  • After the downtime, the system collects all campaigns that have been scheduled for the time period of the downtime and starts them automatically.
  • If a downtime interrupts a campaign, the system detects that this execution has not been finished and proceeds with the execution where it has been interrupted.
  • Only in the very rare case of an unintended longer downtime, a manual restart of a campaign might be required.
  • A separate data buffer collects interactions of email recipients such as email opened or link clicked during the upgrade downtime. After the downtime, his data buffer will be readout, and the collected interactions will be processed.

After Upgrade of Production Tenant:

Using the Export Software Collection and Import Collection apps you must trigger a full transport of all those extension items and additional configuration settings that existed in the production tenant before the upgrade and that have been changed in the quality tenant.

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