Finalize and Review the Extension

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Test and preview the app
  • Troubleshoot potential problems

Introduction to Testing and Previewing the App

Using the SAP AppGyver Preview app, we can view the application and verify we are getting the data from the API as we should.

In case you are installing the preview app just now, the easiest way to get it is clicking on ‘Launch’ in the top menu in SAP AppGyver. There you can find download links for Android and iOS apps, as well as the QR code you can use to login into your account.

For detailed instructions you can also visit:


If you’re not seeing the data in your UI, then I suggest the following order for checking what the error might be:

  • First check that you are running the latest available version of the SAP AppGyver Preview app that’s available.
  • Then test the API URL in the browser to verify that your system can connect to the API.
  • Then verify that you have the correct API URL specified in SAP AppGyver.
  • Check that when you are importing services, you are importing the AppointmentsCollection service.
  • Next check your component bindings.
  • As you will have realized, building applications required an eye for detail. Go through the process again, step by step, make sure you performed each step correctly.

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