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Utilize SAP Build for Low-Code / No-Code Applications and Automations for Citizen Developers

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Unit 1

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Becoming a Citizen Developer With SAP Learning

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4 Lessons

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1 hr 12 mins

After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Summarize low-code / no-code technology
  • Explain hyperautomation
  • Consider code-first versus low-code platforms
  • Review the advantages of low-code / no-code platforms
  • Introduce SAP Build for citizen developers
  • Accelerate development with prebuilt content and components
  • Connect and integrate seamlessly with business data
  • Collaborate securely with fusion teams
  • Succeed with SAP Build customers
  • Solve problems with LCNC and citizen development
  • Review a use case for LCNC and citizen development
  • Get to know the developer continuum
  • Provide governance of citizen development
  • Roll out citizen development in your organization
  • Learn about who your instructors are and how to find them on SAP Community
  • Explain, what content to expect in this low-code / no-code learning journey
  • Explain the prerequisites for learning SAP Build Process Automation
  • Explain the prerequisites for learning SAP AppGyver Community Edition
  • Explain the prerequisites for learning SAP Build Apps
  • Explain the prerequisites for using SAP Build Preview

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