Creating Tile for News Feed


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create tiles to access news feed from SAP Mobile Start.

Creating Tiles for News Feeds

The second type of mobile-specific tile that can be included are RSS 2.0 news feeds. The latest headlines can be viewed and opened directly from the tile itself. An example with the SAP News feed is shown in the following figure:

The list of headlines can also be expanded via the > icon on the top.

The important parameter that is required is the URL that points to the RSS 2.0 feed. This URL must be publicly available and must not require a user login. An example is the SAP News feed available via

Create Tiles for News Feeds


  1. Access the Site ManagerContent Manager.

  2. First, create a simple URL tile for accessing via the desktop browser. Create a new app with the + New button and enter the following data:

    • Enter a Title, Description, System as No System, App UI Technology as URL, and set the URL to the URL of the news feed, for example:
    • Move on to the Navigation section, enter the mandatory values for Semantic Object and Action.


      These values are not relevant for the native app but must be filled since the fields are mandatory. Enter app and launch, as an example.
    • Move on to the Visualization section to optionally style the tile with a Subtitle, Information, and Icon.
  3. Select supported devices. Use the checkboxes to mark your app for Desktop, Tablet, and Phone.

  4. To make this a news feed tile within SAP Mobile Start, in the Visualization section, add the following two parameters and save the news feed tile: 


    Put the URL pointing to the RSS 2.0 feed.

    For example:

  5. To assign the app to the role and group created earlier, click on the role / group, select Edit, and in the Assignments pane on the right, add the news feed tile with the + icon.

  6. Refresh the content in SAP Mobile Start by performing a "pull to refresh" on the start or application screen. The news feed tile shows up as part of the content.


    It is possible to bring the news feed directly to the device home screen with the News List widget. This blog postexplains how to add SAP Mobile Start widgets based on the example of the business info widget.

    In this practice exercise, you create a news feed tile.

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