Introducing SAP Task Center


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Describe SAP Task Center and integration considerations.


The SAP Task Center is an infrastructure kernel service that integrates with multiple SAP applications and provides a unified inbox for the end users to access their approval tasks. The tasks can be accessed by end users in the following two ways: 

Read more about SAP Task Center in the help documentation.


Watch the following video to learn about the benefits of SAP Task Center:

SAP Task Center Integration Within SAP Mobile Start

Once the SAP Task Center is set up and a user has access to it, it is automatically available as a native integration within SAP Mobile Start. The following section outlines what it looks like and the main features available.

The main features of the app can be summarized as follows:

  • Use the lock screen to view open To Dos: On iOS 14 and above, users can add the To Do and SAP S/4HANA business widgets to the lock screen to stay on top of business updates.
  • View all assigned tasks: End users can access tasks (To Dos) within the dedicated screens on the app and process them with just one tap.
  • Use quick actions to quickly process task: Tapping the three dots on the top-right corner of the chosen task opens the quick action menu. You can process a task with only one tap, which then removes the task from your To Do screen.
  • Access task information and available actions in details: Tapping on a task opens the Details screen, which shows more information and available actions. If the information shown is not sufficient, the task can be opened directly in the target SAP application by choosing the Open action button.
  • Use of the Watch companion app to view and process tasks: Users can filter on to do types, drill into the details, and take action. Watch complications additionally allows users to monitor the number of open to dos on the watch face.

SAP Task Center Setup

SAP Task Center is activated per subaccount on SAP BTP. Refer to the help page to see how SAP Task Center service can be activated using a booster/guided procedure to accelerate the configuration and to integrate it with SAP applications.

The SAP Task Center Web application can be integrated into a site created in SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition as described on the help page. SAP Mobile Start app, which connects to this site, will display the To Dos (Tasks) as described in the previous section. 

Summary of Your Learning Journey

Over the course of this learning journey, you have understood why a central entry point using SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition and a native entry point using SAP Mobile Start is important for customers with multiple SAP solutions and customers who need additional access channels for external or mobile users. While your focus so far may have been on implementing the SAP Fiori launchpad that comes as part of SAP S/4HANA, this learning should enable you to actively consider if the end users could benefit from central/native entry points.

You should now be able to integrate SAP S/4HANA Cloud public and private edition solutions with SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition and SAP Mobile Start either manually or by using pre-defined integration scenarios provided by the Cloud Integration Automation service. You also learned how to further enrich the end-user experience with mobile-specific content like native tiles, news feeds, and by using device capabilities like widgets and notifications. You have followed a basic setup and are also aware of scalable solution options when faced with a large user base and/or roles by using role collection mappings and SAP Cloud Identity Services. The use of central services like SAP Task Center is a great way to allow end users to process tasks from multiple SAP solutions – you now also have some pointers to implement the same.

We hope that you can use the skills that you learned from the course to implement a central and native entry point for your end users and provide them with a seamless UX across SAP solutions.

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