Onboarding End Users


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Log in to SAP Mobile Start app


The last three units covered how the business content can be set up for access via SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition and the SAP Mobile Start app. Now it’s time to have a closer look at the native app itself.

For accessing the content using mobile devices, the users can be onboarded in two different ways:

  1. Via QR code
  2. Via Mobile Device Management (MDM) using managed app configuration

The second option is especially interesting for productive usage with lots of end users and where an MDM solution is in use.


The app can be downloaded from Apple App Store, Google Play, and Tencent Appstore / 腾讯应用宝. The app is currently available for phones and tablets with Android 8 or iOS 15 and above.

Onboarding via QR Code

Each site created on SAP Build Work Zone, standard edition has an onboarding (Register) QR code; this can be obtained from the user settings by following the steps shown in the video:

If you do not see the SAP Mobile Start Application tab in your user settings, you must enable (set to Yes) the SAP Mobile Start flag on the site settings using Site Manager.

When you open SAP Mobile Start app for the first time, you will see a Scan button on the initial screen. Choose the button to scan the above Register QR code for the site and follow the onboarding process.

The Register QR code should be scanned using the SAP Mobile Start app, NOT the camera app on the device.

You have to log in with your user credentials and create a passcode that can be used for additional security. Once the onboarding process is finished, you can access the business content directly from the mobile device. The end-user credentials you use to log in to the app depends on the setup you followed for user authentication.

It is the same user that you used to access the site via the desktop using a browser in units 3 and 4.
  • If you used default identity provider (as in unit 3), it is a platform user
  • If you used Identity Authentication (as in unit 4), it is an Identity Authentication user

Onboarding via MDM Using Managed App Configuration

SAP Mobile Start supports onboarding based on mobile app configuration. In this case, the corresponding configuration can be pushed to end users via an MDM solution. The end users only need to click a Start button (instead of the Scan option) and directly start with the onboarding process to the configured site.


An MDM solution that supports the following specifications:


SAP Mobile Start requires three different parameters/properties as part of managed app configuration. You can use the site URL to determine the parameter values required to onboard the mobile user. The site URL should have the following structure:

1. SAP Mobile Services Host

Property namecom.sap.mobile.start.mobileServicesHost

The SAP Mobile Services host can be constructed by adding an "m" into the SAP Build Work Zone host of the site URL. This would look like:



2. Site URL

Property namecom.sap.mobile.start.launchpad.launchUrl

The site URL is the same as the SAP Build Work Zone URL mentioned above. You should be able to copy it directly from the browser when you access the site. It looks like this:


3. Site ID

Property namecom.sap.mobile.start.launchpad.siteId

Site ID should be set to the SAP Build Work Zone Site Id from the site URL.

StructureThe structure may vary, but in general it is blocks of numbers / characters divided by dashes "-".

With these three values, you will be able to move on with configuring the MDM solution. iOS and Android require different configuration settings, as outlined in the help documentation.


The specific steps involved in the setup of managed app configuration can vary between the MDM solutions that are available in the market. Check the documentation for your MDM solution to implement the parameters mentioned in this section.

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