Exercise: Performing a Manual Deployment


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Performing a manual deployment.

Deploy the Application Manually

Business Example

You will deploy your CAP application into the Cloud Foundry environment of the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Exercise Options

You can perform this exercise in two ways:

  1. Live Environment – using the instructions provided below, you can perform the tasks in the SAP BTP Free Tier account
  2. Platform Simulation – follow the step-by-step instructions within the simulation


We strongly recommend that you first perform the tasks in the live environment.


  1. Deploy the build application to the SAP BTP.

    1. Deploy the generated MTA-project.

      Odds are that you have to log in to your Cloud Foundry org and space first. For this run cf login first and provide the necessary information.

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      cf deploy gen/mta.tar
      This process can take some minutes and finally creates a log output like this:
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      [...] Application "risk-management" started and available at "[org]-[space]-risk-management.landscape-domain.com" [...]

  2. Assign Role Collections.

    1. In your subaccount in the SAP BTP cockpit tab, navigate to the Security tab. Choose Users and choose your username.

    2. After choosing your user, a new view displays on the right side. Choose the Assign Role Collection button.

    3. From the list, choose RiskManager-<org-name>-<space-name>. Choose the Assign Role Collection button.

      Now you are ready to access the application.


      Changes may require some time to take effect. For immediate implementation, log out and log back in.

  3. Inspect the deployed application in the SAP BTP Cockpit.

    In this step you will inspect the deployed risk-management application.

    1. Visit the Applications section in your SAP BTP cockpit to see the deployed apps.

      Deployed Applications
    2. Choose the risk-management application and then on the application route.

      Application route
    3. You will notice that the external data can't be retrieved, since the API key was not set yet. For this, go back one step and select the risk-management-srv application. Click on User Provided Variables in the navigation bar on the left side and set the API key.

      Set API key
    4. Now, choose Overview on the left side and then restart the application to ensure that this variable change take effect.

    5. Now review the app again, by opening up the risk-managementapplication.


You have now successfully deployed and inspected your multi-target application to Cloud Foundry on SAP BTP.

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