Accessing Supplemental Resources


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Locate and access links to implementation and product documentation resources that will help during implementation.

Implementation Resources

To learn about resources and how to succeed as a consultant, watch this video:

Here are the most relevant resources for your SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning and Mentoring real-life implementation projects:


SAP Partner Portal

Link (log in required): Explore SAP SuccessFactors Succession and Development

Use it to locate:

  • Customer Project Kick-off Template: A template to prepare for your customer's project kick-off meeting.

  • Configuration Workbook: During customer's implementation, utilize this configuration workbook as the baseline for capturing customer configuration requirements for SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning and Mentoring.

  • Links to other Sales, Training and Implementation assets.

SAP Help Portal

Link (log in required to access all the available resources):

Use it to locate:

  • Product Guides: Including Implementation, Administration, Development and End User guides for all the SAP SuccessFactors solutions. The resources are constantly updated with every release. Make sure to always download the most recent version.

  • Release Information: To find out what's new in the latest releases.

  • Links to other SAP SuccessFactors resources.

Customer Specific Resources


Customer Training Data Sheet

Link: Customer Training Data Sheet

Use it to:

  • Learn about the different ways that training is delivered: Admin Learning Center, Public Training, Private Training.

SAP SuccessFactors Administrator Learning Center (SFALC)

Link: SFALC Access Guide

Use it to:

  • Learn about the different ways that training is delivered: Admin Learning Center, Public Training, Private Training.

SFX Accreditation

Link: Training and SFX Overview

Use it to:

  • Learn about SFX (SAP SuccessFactors eXpert). Accreditations can be earned by empowered administrators who wish to confirm and benefit from their expertise.

Support and Community Resources


SAP Support

Link (log in required to access all the available resources):

Use it to:

  • Search for SAP Notes and Knowledge Based Articles.
  • Report an Incident and view existing incidents.
  • Software Downloads.
  • Manage Users.
  • View Cloud Availability.

SAP for Me

Link (log in required):

The new SAP for Me it replaces the SAP ONE Support Launchpad home page (deprecated in May 2023).

Use it to:

  • Manage from a central place the support resources mentioned above, and search for KBAs, Users, Download or License Keys.
  • Report a case, schedule an expert session, access the SAP Community.

SAP SuccessFactors Community

Link (log in required):

Use it to:

  • Find product updates related to SAP SuccessFactors: Release, Road Map, Patches, Innovation Alerts, etc.
  • Implementation Design Principles and Architecture Leading Practices documents for different SAP SuccessFactors areas.

SAP Community - Human Capital Management (formerly Partner Delivery Community)

Link (log in required):

Use it to:

  • Ask questions to other SAP SuccessFactors Consultants about product, configuration, customer requirements and other implementation scenarios.
  • Search for other relevant content for Partners, like news, blogs and events.

Release Resources

Release Information

SAP SuccessFactors releases two software updates per year, in May and November. The release updates are referenced with the number of the Half and the Year. For example, the May 2022 release is referenced as the 1H 2022 Release.

The What’s New Viewer (WNV), available in the SAP Help Portal, is the placeholder for the release enhancements in SAP SuccessFactors. It can be reviewed online or exported as a .pdf or .csv file. There are several filtering options, such as module, type or lifecycle, to review only those enhancements that are relevant for your SAP SuccessFactors system. The latest version of the What’s New Viewer can be found here: SAP SuccessFactors Release Information | SAP Help Portal

Another great resource is the SAP SuccessFactors (HCM) customer experience within the SAP Community (formerly SAP SuccessFactors Customer Community), which provides useful customer facing information on Product Releases, communications from product management, links to resources and more:


The best practice is to check resources frequently as they are continuously updated and improved.

Deep Links

A deep link is a hyperlink that links directly to a specific page in the SAP SuccessFactors application, rather than the highest-level page. For all available options, search deep links within the platform section of There are four deep links currently for the career development module listed:

SolutionDeep LinkDescriptionParameters
Development/sf/careerworksheetTakes user to the Career Worksheetselecteduser=userid (optional)
Developmentsf/careerworksheet?currentrole=trueTakes user to the current role in the Career Worksheet 
Development/sf/devplanTakes user to development planselecteduser=userid (optional)
Development/sf/mentoringTakes user to mentoring 

Deep links can be used anywhere hyperlinks are possible. You can use them in offline content, such as your internal documentation or intranet sites on your company portal. They can also be used in third-party applications, such as extensions built on the SAP Cloud Platform. You can even use deep links within the SAP SuccessFactors system itself, such as on a custom tile on the home page or in custom navigation links on the Employee Profile.


Learning activity templates also use the concept of deep links which should not be confused with the deep links listed in the table above.

Translations and Languages

Like other SAP SuccessFactors modules, CDP can be translated. There are two types of text visible in the application:

  • Configuration labels

  • System texts

In the scope of a translation project, only the configuration labels are included in translation workbook, not the system texts. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the translated labels for all the languages in the scope of the project, and the consultant will implement the translation for the configuration labels.

The system texts are already translated in the language packs that are enabled from ProvisioningCompany Settings.

All pages for Career Development Planning (including Mentoring) are also supported in right-to-left languages. This includes both employee-facing and administrator-facing pages.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy Features

The data protection and privacy features include, for instance, the ability to report on personal data changes and the capacity to report on all the subject’s personal data available in the application. Customers will also have options to configure data retention rules at country level for active and inactive employees that will permanently purge personal data from SAP SuccessFactors applications.

It is the customer’s responsibility to adopt the features that they deem appropriate. More information can be found on the SAP Help Portal or SAP SuccessFactors Platform: On this page under the Security area, you will find the Implementing and Managing Data Protection and Privacy guide.

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